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First off I would like to thank Moviepilot and Dana Abeln for letting me have the opportunity to see 'Eddie the Eagle' before it hit theaters!

1. All Star Cast

One of the main reasons you'll love the movie is because of it's amazing all star cast!

Hugh Jackman's performance in this film is outstanding. Hugh Jackman is famous for many films but he is most renown for his acting in the X-Men series, where he plays Wolverine. His character Bronson Peary is seemingly just a drunk asshole, that is until you really get to know him. Peary used to be an all time Olympic champion back in his day! He takes up the mantle, although reluctantly, to coach Eddie. Honestly he is just trying to make sure Eddie doesn't kill himself.

You'll probably recognize Taron Egerton from his amazing performance in 'Kingsmen: The Secret Service'. He does such an amazing portrayal of Eddie that you almost forget it is Taron. I didn't even recognize him at first! He completely diverts from the role he has played previously and took Eddie's role to heart. It seems almost impossible to pick up mannerisms and change himself completely the way he did playing Eddie. Taron is an amazing actor and it's almost uncanny how he looked like the real Eddie the Eagle!

Christopher Walken does not play a very big part in the film. However, the short time he does make an appearance is a very emotional one. The scene where Christopher Walken and Hugh Jackman have a moment... actually made me cry. That's all I can say. He is an amazing actor by all accounts, and his short appearance in this film was more than enough to give it that extra flare.

2. It's a True Story

Eddie Edwards was real! The film portrays his true underdog story. Don't get me wrong he wasn't a winner, nor did he come in second.. or third.. or fourth. Eddie Edwards came in last in the Olympics in both the 70 meter and the 90 meter jump. He became famous as a "heroic failure". He started growing a huge fan base in which people cheered him on mostly because he was following his dream and no matter which place he came in, he was a winner in his own eyes. However, even if he didn't place first or even close, he was the UK's record holder for both events at the time! It was an unbelievable feat because he did not have anyone backing him or any sort of funding whatsoever. All he had was his perseverance to be an Olympian and he realized his dream.

Unfortunately, the Olympics weren't on his side. After his performance that had the Eddie the Eagle rule, making it much harder to qualify for the Olympics. Eddie Edwards was not able to qualify for any Olympics afterwards no matter how much he tried. He was even sponsored to get in to future Olympics but he couldn't make it. But you'll be happy to know that Eddie has had huge commercial success in the UK, such as being in ads and commercials! He truly made it!

3. Pure Inspiration

It's really hard to put into word how inspirational this film is. Inspiration is hard to understand until you truly see someone who defeats all odds to become successful. When you see someone who proves everyone wrong. Eddie is that someone. Forget being picked last on a team, Eddie is the definition of someone who was not even picked to be on the team. The only person in Eddie's life that seemed to believe in him was his mother. Even his father at every turn would tell him that he could not do it. This also come to haunt him when he decided to take the 90 meter jump, but in the end those exact words inspired him to take the jump.

'Eddie the Eagle' is all about heart and tenacity. Eddie puts his life on the line in one of the most dangerous sports in the Olympics, just to accomplish his childhood dreams of being an Olympian. The dangerous sport captures the spirit of the film 'Rocky' while seemingly mixing in the humor from 'Kingsmen'. With the combination of UK humor and dangerous antics, the film becomes one of the greatest comedic motivational movies out there.

This film made me appreciate struggle. Without the struggle the end result isn't nearly as satisfying as you'd think.

Watch the amazing yet humorous trailer below:


Does Eddie represent what it means to be a true Olympian?


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