ByJamil Ali Ahmed, writer at

WordPress started off as a simple content management site and gradually became one of the juggernauts of internet. It is now used by more than twenty five percent of online users. This has been a result of constant innovation service evolvement. From a powerful CMS to a user-friendly ecommerce know as “WooCommerce, WordPress has everything for someone.

With the social site plugin, BuddyPress, WordPress indeed shows that it has something for everyone. Although, there are a number of different innovative WordPress social plugins, however, we found BuddyPress the most active, fully featured plugin and the closest to famed social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.

Our tutorial will educate readers on how to install BuddyPress, setting it up along with a BuddyPress compatible theme, aiming to build a simple social website. Read original post: Building a social site- with Buddypress


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