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Netflix is now bigger and more global than HBO as it wanted to be in 2013.

Netflix Inc.’s main objective when it started to offer online video content services was to be like HBO in the coming future. It took a few years but the company is ‘pivoted’ to a premium channel for its web. Initially the streaming giant started its business as a DVD subscription service but with time, it gradually developed into a Spotify like platform, but for movies and TV shows.

Netflix is expanded in more than 190 countries now with having nearly 75 million paid subscribers. It is available everywhere around the world hence it is similar to HBO without a cable channel only. Since last year, it is taking bold steps forward to expand its reach in the entertainment industry. Netflix planned tiny moves to create original content, which received blockbuster success when they were released. Its first ever original TV show was named ‘House of Cards’ which was a success followed by ‘Orange is the New Black’. The streaming service provider was known as a platform that used to get rightful holds of a specific content available on its web or app.

This is not compensation in any way of how the content deals were getting expensive. The company has a different vision and it was clear with its global expansion plans. It wants to become the biggest provider of the best original content in the world and this is what it will be focusing on in the coming times. According to its officials, the global expansion does not mean that the viewers in India, Uruguay, or Vietnam would be able to stream 20th Century Fox movies but its main objective is to widespread its original content.

After all, it is all about the original programming that the firm will offer in the coming times. Other online movies and TV shows are an ‘afterthought’. Netflix said, “For one monthly price, members around the world will be able to enjoy Netflix original series including Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Narcos, Sense8, Grace and Frankie, and Marco Polo, as well as a catalog of licensed TV shows and movies.”

The few things noteworthy factors regarding Netflix’s global expansion involves several aspects. Firstly, as it is now available in about 190 countries, it will become easier for the streaming service provider to deal for the bulk content for its platform that were not distributed in some countries already. Mubi, an online movie platform, is already implementing this strategy and Netflix now seems to be using it as well.

Secondly, Netflix does not care much about making it easier by negotiating in bulk or anything. Its main target is to get more subscribers on board through a wide range of content portfolio. People who sign up for Netflix for the first time usually think that they have got an access to stream countless movies and TV shows through this (whether they live in US or not), but in the end, the viewer ends up in streaming company’s original content only.

House of Cards is a political drama series and it worked out amazingly in the United States but even if the viewers do not live in the region or do not know about the American political situations, this great show that took the entertainment industry by storm.

HBO currently is investing heavily in its standalone streaming service HBO Now to take on Netflix. CEO of HBO, Ted Sarandos, said in 2013, “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.” It can be said now that Netflix is similar to HBO, but bigger, better, and more global.


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