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Dice have finally dropped the story trailer for [Mirror's Edge Catalyst](tag:3647161). As you would expect from a Mirror's Edge game, the video is stunning. Faith is back and she is definitely not "broken".

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is the highly anticipated sequel to 2008's Mirror's Edge. The manner in which Faith's story was portrayed in such a beautifully reflective open world earned the game and its designers worldwide notoriety. Using nothing but parkour and a truly astounding hand to hand combat system the game was as challenging as it was beautiful.

Today, Dice have revealed what lies ahead for our springy protagonist. They have also revealed that there are plans afoot for a closed beta to take place some time before launch. According to Dice, you can sign up for access to the closed beta but spaces are limited and access is not guaranteed.

The trailer

If we are able to look past the sheer beauty of the trailer for one minute and take a look at what is actually going on, we do get rather a good insight into the new game. Welcome to the city of glass.

Faith is fresh out of prison and has already been sucked into a torrid plot. The clip teases fans with new movement mechanics and introduces us to a whole new roster of villainous characters - that will most likely end up getting punched in the face (by Faith).

The video also gives us a glimpse into some of the nicer leading characters that will be assisting Faith in her exploits against the syndicates. Faith will not only have to overcome the regime in this new title however, it would seem that she must also overcome her inner demons. Coined at one point as 'broken' Faith is out not only to put an end to tyranny but also to prove that she is anything but broken.

The game promises to delve deeper into Faith's origins and allow for players to connect more with their hero. The term Catalyst used in the title was no accident either. Dice have stated that fans will have to continually improve and master their parkour and combat abilities in order to become a "catalyst" of change.

The closed beta will be available before launch but no exact date has been given, it will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The actual game itself is planned to release on May 24th. It was originally set to launch on February 23rd but was delayed.

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