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Hi my name is Viktor Vaskó. I'm 21 years old. I have got a wife and a newborn baby!:) I really love to draw. I<3 Superheroes.
Vaskó Viktor

Hey guys!

My name is ViktorJ and I am from Hungary. Just like every other Deadpool fan out there I'm very excited about the film coming out this week. I love this guys' humor and his absolute craziness, that's why he's my favorite character. I also think that Ryan Reynolds is a perfect choice to play this character. To hold me over until I see the the film myself, I've decided to draw this badass hero and make a video so you can see just how I did it.

Deadpool Speed Drawing

The Process

First, I sketched up the lines and began to color in the gray parts. This was pretty easy, but the coloring is where it got tricky!

I used cold gray pencils!
I used cold gray pencils!

The part of this drawing that I found to be most fun was the red suit. It was just so much fun to color in the deep red tones and make all of the shadows.

After 10 hours drawing time finally I finished this insane man. I hope you enjoy my artwork as well as my video!

Thank you for your support,

Viktor Vaskó from Hungary

'Deadpool' hits theaters this Friday, February 12


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