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So, Another Filler Episode. Here we go!

But Hey! Chill out! The Fact remains the same that it was a well welcomed filler. I say that as someone who openly admits to usually hating these kind of momentum-killing Supernatural episodes. Then again, most of these momentum-killers don't feature the Jody-Claire-Alex hat trick and not only did we get an episode featuring Supernatural's last three surviving lady BAMFs, but they all survived to hunt and snark another day. All of them!

I liked how the episode began with Sam and Dean in the midst of some downtime. The most fascinating thing Sam could find on the internet was a strange picture and Dean was taking advantage of some local food that actually looked incredibly tasty. It’s probably really disgusting and would almost certainly make you sick but it did look good. Dean’s latest gastronomic monstrosity!!!

It was also mentioned that Amara hasn’t been active lately and Luctiel hasn’t been seen since Dean spoke to him in the previous episode. All is quiet on the Winchester front and the opening proves that Sam doesn’t handle downtime well where Dean really enjoys it.

Things pick up slightly when they are summoned by Claire to deal with the monsters attacking the town people or at least as she thinks.

We are reintroduced to Jody’s collection of stay girls and find out how their lives are at this point. But yet can’t you seem the similarity to Sam and Dean story? Alex “ The Little Sister” “Teen Sam” who clearly hates the hunting life as she looks forward to living a long happy monster-free apple-pie life. Claire “the Big Sister” “Teen Dean” who doesn’t want a normal life, always sees herself as a hunter or a hunter in training call it whatever you want, looking damn fine in thrift store flannel and boots from the army surplus store and add to the list that she says ASSHATT. So still not ringing any bells?

I know that a lot of people at this point see a possibility of a spin-off since we saw Supernatural: Bloodlines ended up sucking so badly but my personal opinion is that they can’t present us another series featuring another Sam and Dean but with hair and boobs! And the writers can’t grantee to us that it won’t be another religious show filled with angels and deamons since they are difinitely in te same universe.

It's a pity that Supernatural has waited until we're this late in the game before exploring mothers as something more tangible than an unattainable fantasy. Sam and Dean's amazement at chicken that looked like chicken—as opposed to a nugget or a patty—was a subversively funny moment. Their lack of maternal influence is one of the few plots of common ground that the Winchesters can see clearly. It's the one piece of "normal" that they can each want—and openly enjoy when they have it—without guilt or animosity.

Dean’s speech to Claire about respecting what Jody has done for her was really powerful. He would do anything for her childhood and gets angry at the fact she wants to throw it away. More so than most Dean understands the lure of hunting but he also knows how important family is and encourages Claire to embrace the fact that someone wants to give her one. Sam had similar advice but his approach is a more friendly one. He tells Claire the same things but tries to meet her on her level. It’s an approach consistent with his character and creates a nice contrast to Dean’s parenting technique.

The family dynamic between Jody, Alex and Claire was really engaging. They operate on a sort of functioning dysfunction and their relationship feels very real. They bicker and fight but there’s genuine love there. Both Alex and Claire push too hard but suffer an event that pushes them closer together. The whole episode is very much a bonding experience for all of them as they learn to function as a family unit.

Outside of the awkward dinner the episode had some solid comedy beats such as Claire calling Sam and Dean out for telling her off for doing everything they do. Seeing how flustered they got when she couldn’t ask for crime scene information but the fake FBI can was great.

Unfortunately this episode trots out vampires again because it’s related to Alex and forces her to relive her past but it’s not especially interesting. It was easy to see where the betrayal was coming from and what would happen next ((P.S. I knew the something was seriously wrong since the moment I saw Alex hanging out with the most popular kid in school because who can adjust that well after being a freak?! And I was sure that the story was Alex-related so of course vampire-related since I saw the teacher hanging there on the flag! Anyway it was pretty predictable).

I see that sometimes these parts of Supernatural-Weekly-Monster-Hunting-episodes feel like they’re going through the motions and this was very much an example of this. It’s perfectly serviceable but nothing we haven’t seen before.

The Verdict

A solid character driven episode that showed an interesting unconventional family dynamic forming between Jody, Alex and Claire. Sam and Dean acting more paternal was an interesting change that suggests they are maturing but the whole vampire story was really weak and it was easy to see the twists coming.


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