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In 1987 the story of the Superbowl XVII advertising was forever changed by one commercial in particular. The "1984" Macintosh commercial presented a new concept to advertisers and invited the world to a new brand concept.

Before "1984" advertisers were taking interesting and bold steps to show the value of their products, but that was it. The product was the star, the positive vs negative aspects of such products were the highlight of that kind of advertising; and important brands were involving stars and celebrities to reinforce the credibility.

Not Apple. As a young tech company, Apple was betting on users to recognize the future, the change and the vision of Steve Jobs; but not to recognize the value of their product as a daily need. Meaning, a computer was not a required household appliance, it was covering no function in our daily lives. Imagine a kind of life where computers were not a primary need, imagine our present witouth a laptop or a smartphone. Weird, right?

The Commercial

A brief but compelling cinematic story. This young hero launches an attack against the big norm that hypnotizes the audiences and finishes the one minute commercial run with the awakening of society. After that, a brief announcement states that computer history is about to change.

One interpretation is that the woman is fighting conformity. When she emerges victorious she is showing that different, modern and avant-garde is the future.

Apple and the Macintosh

1987 Apple's Macintosh
1987 Apple's Macintosh

Apple's computer, later re-branded as Mac, was a hard hit into the market and changed society and technological vision forever. Steve Jobs knew they didn't need to sell the function of the computer; no one knew how to properly use a computer back then. He needed to sell Apple's vision. And that is what this commercial represents. A look into what was ahead, and what has now transformed our lives forever.

Imagine a present were personal computers didn't exist, or a future without cellphones, smartphones, tablets or internet in our homes.

Apple's "1984" in the 1987 Superbowl opened America to the personal computer. That's a great reason to watch and re-watch the greatest commercials of Superbowl history.


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