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Stephen Goline

Call of Duty is one of the biggest gaming franchises ever created. My first taste of CoD was with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on my Xbox 360. At the time CoD 4 was a revelation and had players like myself and my friends spending night and day on our consoles playing match after match of TDM or S&D. The following year World at War as released and while it wasn't as well made or fun as CoD 4, in my opinion, it was still a true shooter and an excellent time piece.

Both CoD 4 and World at War are classic examples of simplistic multiplayer at its best. So, why then did the games begin to abandon this? Why are we bounded to wall running and using ex-suits that make us less of men and more machine? Short answer, the times change and people want shinier, newer, faster gameplay. This is the trend that is currently in place with today's FPS games and the time for change is here once more for Call of Duty developers. The time for risks and a return to form is needed and now is the time to strike.

The reason Call of Duty became a fan favorite in terms of multiplayer was because it was simple to play and fun to play. With a few perks, kill streaks and loads of guns to choose from. The maps were very memorable and to this day Crossfire, Bog, and Crash are still maps I can run through while day dreaming. You had time to think before you were in a gun fight. The time to think is gone now. With the change of time periods and change from a simplistic approach to a more advanced, faster paced game came backlash and a want for remastered editions of the classic Call of Duty games. However, I purpose we do away with a remastering of these classic titles and instead ask the developers to take a risk! Do something crazy! Go back to your roots! Or better yet make a game that would please all fans of all types.

My idea for a Call of Duty game is to do away with the series story telling and instead make a fun over the top story with time travel and the same gameplay we all know and love. With time travel introduced we can go back into WW2, the Cold War, Modern Warfare or the future all in one game. Imagine playing multiplayer were you can use guns and play maps from all these different time periods. It would change the way we look at shooters. It won't be a stereotypical Call of Duty. It could have maps and guns we have seen before in previous installments. Crossfire. Makin. All these maps and then the ability to run around with a MP5, a M40, or any future gun you want. The options are yours! Now, will this ever happen? NO! It's too big of a risk and the balancing will always the issue that stands in the way. So what then?

Go back to your roots! Who ever has the heart to do it, Treyarch, Infinity War, Sledgehammer Games! One of you has to take a risk and announce that we are going to back to the beginning of Call of Duty. Back to WW2 and this will give all of us WaW fans the game we have been waiting for for over a decade now. With a WW2 CoD shooter on the market on the beautiful console and the much improved in game engine the fans will be pleased and know that Activision is listening. This game would in many ways serve as a soft reboot for Call of Duty. A chance to start fresh back in their tool box. A chance to play with different time periods and ideas and to regain the trust of many CoD fans who have left for some time now. The time is now! Take the risk!


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