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Eddie the Eagle was a surprisingly enjoyable film. The film takes rather enormous liberties with its real-life inspiration, the rough outlines are still there. The film starts off by introducing the audience to Eddie as a hopeless physically disabled child who wants to compete in the Olympics, which makes for some good comedy. He tries and tries again but ultimately fails.

I like what they were trying to go for by using this overused tactic. It works for this film because when Eddie does eventually win, he’s still not at a level where he’s the perfect athlete. This makes Eddie more relatable in the long run. The movie starts off slow but turns into what could be the best comedy of the year. At some points, I found myself laughing uncontrollably with the rest of the moviegoers.

The moment Hugh Jackman shows up, he steals the show from the other actors. That's not necessarily a bad thing. He makes the film turn from a boring, average biopic to a fun and enjoyable film. The chemistry between Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman is amazing. You find yourself waiting to see what they do next with each other.

They sell their mission and their friendship so hard that by the time it comes to Eddie’s big moment, you’re willing him and internally screaming him, to victory even though you know there’s no chance. As a man he may never have made the podium, but as a movie Eddie The Eagle flies. It leaves you with the message “Its nice to have talent but its more important to have heart."

I'm confident that this will be a must see for 2016. I'd recommend the film if you're an athlete or you have a love for sports. With a good message and excellent comedy, Its a film you should take the whole family to.

Be sure to see Eddie the Eagle in theaters, February 26th!


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