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Deadpool is a film that so many superhero movie fans have been yearning for, and a film that all comic book fans deserve. It can be difficult to remember that the general public may not be familiar with the character. Some moviegoers might have already decided to see Zoolander 2 on Valentine's Day weekend, but I'm here to tell you why you should give Deadpool a chance.

It's An Origin Story

You learn it quickly from the very first trailer. Deadpool will be an origin story that will teach you a lot about the character. In fact, many of the comic book iterations contradict themselves and backstories are even ignored. He's traditionally an ambiguous character so it's safe to assume that the upcoming film will be more concrete for anyone who's unfamiliar with the Deadpool Encyclopedia.

What you should know about Wade Wilson, played by Ryan Reynolds, is that he's in love with Vanessa Carlysle when he's diagnosed with several cancers. He agrees to undergo an experimental procedure that will keep him alive while giving him incredible abilities. His origin is somewhat similar to fellow X-Man, Wolverine, with the exception that Wilson is given the ability to heal because of the procedure.


Deadpool is notorious for breaking the fourth wall. Chances are that he will be well aware that he's in a film that an audience is watching, and he will likely be speaking to you often. His most popular nickname is the 'Merc with the Mouth' for a good reason. He's crude, off-the-wall, and hilarious. He's a big kid in a Halloween costume, and it offsets his violent personality perfectly.

The R-Rating Is A Giant Leap For Superhero Films

When you look at the most popular superhero films of the last decade, you'll notice that they're collectively PG-13. This makes the genre accessible to general audiences, but shouldn't comic book movies have free reign to stay committed to their source material without the studio being afraid of a box office bomb.

Deadpool is a Marvel property that belongs to Fox, so you won't see him joining the Avengers. He belongs to the X-Men Universe. You might remember the early version of Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine that was poorly received and didn't truly capture what the character is all about. This R-rating will be an experiment because the character belongs to a PG-13 universe so far.

Seeing this film in theaters will teach studios like Fox to take more risks with their properties instead of playing it safe and being so formulaic. That's not to say that people haven't enjoyed R-rated comic book films before. Kick-Ass and its sequel were both rated R. They both were profitable due to their small budgets, but they didn't have flattering box office grosses.

Last year, Fox released R-rated comic book property, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and it was a tremendous success despite opening against powerhouse 50 Shades of Grey. It's hard to say what kind of damage Zoolander 2 can do to Deadpool. Zoolander 2 will definitely be anticipated by some, it has the star power, and some people will just want to see a comedy. Keep in mind that Deadpool should be equally as, or possibly more hilarious.

We're talking about the movie business. Money is the only thing that talks to the big studios. Tell the studios you want them to take risks instead of producing what could possibly be another terrible comedy sequel. I'll have my fingers crossed that Fox lets the last Wolverine installment be rated R.


Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds can do it all. His natural wit and charisma can take over any screen. In recent years, it seems Reynolds has only been a part of mostly forgettable films and box office stinkers. He's been due for a hit for a long time and this could be it. Ryan Reynolds has become synonymous with the character and comic book fans agree that he was born to play this role. One of Deadpool's creators , Robert Liefeld, has gone on record saying that, "Ryan is to Deadpool as Downey Jr. is to Tony Stark and Iron Man." From a man who is arguably the most precious about this character and has seen the movie a few times now, that's an amazing compliment.


It's Already Being Well-Received, So You Won't Wanna Miss It

The film community has already seen screenings of the film. As of today (2/5/2015), reviews of the film are under embargo, but the bloggers and journalists aren't doing a great job holding back their love for the movie. The praise came originally from the spectacularly original viral marketing ever since test footage leaked a couple years ago. Below are posts from people who have screened the film.

'Deadpool' will be released February 12, 2016. (Pssst. that's today!)


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