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In a recent podcast Zack Snyder confirmed smaller roles for Justice Leaguers other than Superman and Batman. He also confirmed Wonder Woman's role will be more substantial than the other characters except Batman and Superman.

The interview, linked below, goes on to explain that Warner Bros / DC envisions cross over stories, if not actors, between their Television and Movie Brands. Rather than pigeon hole the characters into one universe they are adopting the 'Multiverse' which has always been seen in DC Comics.

Those of you who watch 'The Flash' TV Show on the WB will have already seen the story line framework. 'Jay Garrick', the original flash is current residing in Barry Allen's world on the show.

Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick on The Flash
Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick on The Flash

This framework easily allows DC characters such as The Flash, Green Lantern and Batman to have their own adventures while still increasing the growing story line within the Warner / DC multiverse.

Many of you watched the 'Dark Knight Rises' and then observed as a flurry of questions scoured the internet querying how an entire kidnapped city could be on World News without 'Superman' stepping in...... Well that is the Multiverse for you. Or considering Batman's advanced age in Batman V Superman, it could have been before Superman 'Came Out'.

Dark Knight Rises
Dark Knight Rises

But I digress. I predict the early adoption of the Multiverse approach is yet another reason the DC Universe will be ruling the big screen over the next decade. Yes. Marvel / Disney will be adopting the same approach as the next two phases roll out. But that comes well after several missteps and character 'restricting' strategies which will have to be undone or overlooked going forward.

The original Zack Snyder / Seth Everett podcast interview can be heard on Blog Talk Radio

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