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Celebrities are such interesting people. One of the best known, and one of my personal favorites, is Sylvester Stallone. The Italian Stallion from Rocky, John Rambo from Rambo, The Toy Maker from Spy Kids 3 — let's just forget about that one — Sylvester Stallone is a very smart, very talented man, and there is a lot you don't know about him.

5. Rambo First Blood Was a Killer

The first cut of Rambo was three and a half hours long, and Sylvester Stallone hated it so much he wanted to buy the movie and destroy it. Later on, it got some major edits done and got down to 93 minutes long. That version was later used at the theatrical release.

Must... Destroy...
Must... Destroy...

4. Rambo First Blood Was a Killer Part Two

Another Rambo fact — the first movie was based on a book. In the book, John Rambo, at the end... wait, spoiler alert. (Even though it's and old book, I'm still respectful.)

At the end of the book, John Rambo kills himself.

Sylvester Stallone rewrote the the screenplay himself so that wouldn't happen. He didn't like it and he wanted to leave room for a possible sequel.

3. Even More Death, Come On!

Back when 15-year-old Stallone was in high school, he was voted most likely to be sent to the electric chair. That doesn't seem fair. He couldn't have been THAT BAD...

This is fake don't believe everything you see on the internet
This is fake don't believe everything you see on the internet

2. Slurring Speech And Ass Kickery!

Two of Sylvester Stallone's most well-known features are his drooping lip and slurred speech. Some people say it was from an accident he had at a young age, some say it's actually fake, but what actually caused it was a birth defect. When Sylvester was born, there were complications with the delivery and the doctors were forced to use some forceps to fix the issue. When they did that, the doctor accidentally severed one of little baby Sylvester's nerves, causing the left side of his face to be paralyzed.

1. Man's Best Friend Will Never Be Forever Gone

Before Rocky came to be, Sylvester Stallone had a pregnant wife, a dog, and $106 in his bank account. He couldn't afford to live, so he had to sell his dog. He sold his dog for $25. He then later wrote the Rocky screenplay in just three and a half days, and had complications selling it. He got offers for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but he refused all of them because they wouldn't let him star in it. He than accepted an offer for $35,000 and was allowed to be the film's star, after which he spent $5,000 getting his dog back. That dog then later played Bupkis, Rocky's dog.

Bonus Fact!

Sylvester Stallone's real name is Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone!

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