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I wasn’t familiar with the story of Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards before this film. After watching the film based on his true story, I will never forget the name.

Directed by English actor-turned-director Dexter Fletcher; Eddie The Eagle will easily be one of the most joyful pieces of cinema to come out this year. While viewing, I instantly compared the film to 90’s hit ‘Cool Runnings’…ironically; this was the same Winter Olympics that the Jamaican bobsled overcame the odds.

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Here are 5 reasons you have to see what will be the 'feel good' movie of the year!

Tagline: "Inspired by a dream come true"

5. The Cinematography
-With that distinct flare that made Kingsman: The Secret Service such a beauty to look at, Eddie The Eagle featured some amazing visuals. One of the moments that stand out to me is when Hugh Jackman’s Bronson Peary gets hammered and shows everyone his skills at ski jumping but doing the 90 meter jump with ease. Another stand out moment from the camera department was all the intense close-ups of the skiers going down the slopes. They were extremely effective and really added a little more to what could have been a simple biopic.

4. The Comedy (Jokes & Sight Gags)
-When it wasn’t time to break your heart with the story of a dream come true, Eddie The Eagle makes you laugh out loud. The theater filled with laughter after every one of the comedic moments that director Dexter Fletcher brought to the screen. The comedy came naturally for the actors and the gags like the Norway sauna scene were enough to even get laughter out of me. Even the use of an 80’s style montage was hilarious. The film blends heart with humor very well; which is rare when it comes to biopics.

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3. The Mix of Fiction With Fact
-In my latest article for the film ‘The Finest Hours’, I noted that I thought the film could use some stretching of the truth to tell a more dramatic story. I was happy to find out that Eddie The Eagle changed some of the story elements to add some more tension and drama to the film. While the events of the 1988 Winter Olympics couldn't be changed due to the historical importance, some of the other elements in the film were made up to fill up the story and help it feel a bit more well-rounded.

2. The Acting
-Taron Egerton plays Eddie Edwards to near perfection. With his awkwardness and optimism, Egerton brings ‘The Eagle’ to the big screen with ease. The big framed glasses, the little wispy mustache, and the never-ending smile all added to Taron’s performance of Eddie. Another noteworthy performance was the disgraced & drunk former ski jumper Bronson Peary played by Hugh Jackman. You saw the fight against coaching Eddie in his face but you could see the pain in his eyes. Subtle moments like that made Jackman's performance one of the best parts of an already great film.

1. The Heartwarming Story
-If this movie doesn’t put a smile on your face; you are truly cold hearted.
Eddie Edwards has more optimism in his body than all of England put together. Every time he failed, The Eagle would get back up and say "let's do this again". The utter joy that comes from Edwards through the film was contagious and I found myself leaving the film with a smile on my face. One of the lessons from the film was to never stop dreaming even when everyone tells you to stop. Even if you place last, you still did something no one expected. It's such a wonderful moral and I'm glad Eddie The Eagle was able to show that so well.

Fly Eddie Fly!
Fly Eddie Fly!

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