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By Stephen Martin @theclurb

I kept coming across this movie on iTunes and Netflix, so I finally gave in. I was a little turned off to watching this because I thought it was a vampire movie, which it kind of is, but it’s nothing like your typical vamp flick, no one glitters in the sunlight, and it probably shouldn’t have that label associated with it. Starry Eyes is the story of an actress living in LA who is desperately trying to make it big, and some “evil” movie producers take advantage. Social commentary? You bet cha. This is a low budget horror film, but they did a pretty incredible job with the budget they had, and you will recognize some actors from other low budget horror movies.

Alexandra Essoe in the movie Starry Eyes
Alexandra Essoe in the movie Starry Eyes

Overall, this is a fun film that will most likely keep your interest, despite that it gets a little slow in the middle. There is, however, a scene at the end that is SUPER brutal, and very well done, on top of it being really unexpected. Apparently this scene made someone pass out at a screening and the movie had to be stopped. Worth renting; it’s currently in Netflix to stream.

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