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In slightly over a week, we'll finally get to see what happens to Rick Grimes and the gang in the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. For far too long, our favorite survivors have been separated, and I think we're all eager to see the them finally unite at last.

The last time we saw Maggie and Glenn, the long-anticipated husband and wife reunion was interrupted by the collapse of the Alexandria watchtower. With Maggie surrounded by walkers and Glenn almost within reach, this is just the latest in a string of seemingly endless hurdles that this kickass pair has faced.

Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene, spoke with EW and hinted that things won't be getting any easier for the couple in the upcoming episodes.

“We have put the couple through the ringer in terms of separating, then promising they’ll never leave each other’s sight again, and now they’re in the ultimate separation over this sea of walkers.”

As is the case with every aspect of life in the zombie apocalypse, their reunion will be likely tainted by a battle, blood, and some zombie guts. In her EW interview, Cohan states that any romance will have to take a backseat to some bigger, life-threatening issues.

“The reunion is going to be somewhat overshadowed by a lot of other darkness. I think I can say that much. Because they have found each other and just in time to sort of help everybody else in this huge battle that’s continuing. They’re completely underwater right now. We’ve had both of them at the absolute cliff edge of danger and death.”

Although facing danger and death is nothing new for Maggie or Glenn, I just hope they're able to escape this peril and actually stay together for a little while in Alexandria. They so deserve some alone time. Maybe even a couple's massage or something.

The Walking Dead will return with "No Way Out" on Sunday, February 14 on AMC.


Are you ready for Maggie and Glenn to finally reunite?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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