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If you've been following along with the upcoming Deadpool movie in the last few months, you're well aware that FOX has outdone itself on creating original and hilarious marketing that represents the tongue-in-cheek attitude of the character and Ryan Reynolds perfectly.

This morning Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to answer some questions and promote Deadpool. Unsurprisingly, the actor revealed some funny responses as well as interesting insights.

From the thoughtful to the hilariously bizarre, here is everything we learned from Ryan Reynold's video Twitter Q&A:

1. How does it feel to see Deadpool done right?

I did my waiting! 11 years of it!

2. What's your favorite emoji?

Unicorn, duh.

3. What non-comic book franchise would you want Deadpool to be in?

I'm definitely Team Deadpool.

4. What do you love most about Deadpool?

What's not to love?

5. How did you and TJ Miller get any work done?

At least everyone came out largely unscathed from the experience.

6. If you had a time machine, where would you go?


7. Did you take anything from the 'Deadpool' set?

I bet Blake will be seeing a lot of that costume around the house.

8. Who is your man crush?

Dreams really do come true.

9. Can't you just do 'Deadpool' promotion for the next 12 months?

Yeah, I guess he has a wife and kid to spend time with.

10. How old were you when you saw your first R-rated movie and what was it?

Stand By Me is the perfect first R-rated movie to see.

11. How do you prepare for your roles?

No prep needed.

12. How many Easter Eggs will we see in 'Deadpool?'

Keep your eyes peeled, people.

13. You're stuck in an elevator with Zayn Malik. What do you do?

I'll never let go, Jac-....Ryan.

14. How are your manly bits doing after spending so much time in that tight Deadpool costume?

Good to know the boys are in good shape.

15. Do you like 'Star Wars?' Does Deadpool like 'Star Wars?'

Great answer.

16. What do you prefer: vodka or Spider-Man?

Combine the who and give yourself the perfect evening.

17. Were you ever concerned with disappointing Deadpool fans?

Why worry when you basically are Deadpool IRL?

18. Insult me!

That's something worth putting on your resume.

19. Could you imagine doing something with Spider-Man?

"Do something" is a little vague, but I seriously hope this actually happens someday.

20. Do you love your name?

R.R.R. 4 Life.

21. Can I feed you rice?

Um, can I also feed you rice while people are at it?

22. Ginger or Mary-Anne?

Enough said.

23. Would you rather be kicked in the balls 70 times or shot 20 times in the balls with a pellet gun?

I mean, at least this guy is asking his preference before making any moves.

24. What's your favorite book?

Officially added to my "must read" list.

25. What's your favorite scene from a movie you've been in?

YES! Thank you!

26. Did they put Photoshop in your butt?

Clearly making the most of a typo. Well done, Ryan.

27. Will we ever see a Van Wilder sequel?

Old Wilder coming to a theater near you in 2035.

28. What's your favorite song from the '80s?

Oooh a little musical spoiler.

29. You ever see a cats anus and now you can't finish your sandwich?

Where do you people come up with this shit?

Big thanks to everyone who asked questions and to Ryan Reynolds for answering some of the strangest Q&A questions we've ever seen. If it's possible, I'm even more excited to see Deadpool now.

Deadpool will be released in theaters on February 12.


Are you going to see Deadpool next week?


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