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Yesterday, DC released a one-shot prequel comic for each of the main characters in [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). The comics are set after the events of Man of Steel and lay the groundwork for storylines we'll see unfolding in the upcoming movie, as well as give a bit of insight into each character's personal motivations.

The five characters that got a comic are Batman, Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and Senator Finch (Holly Hunter's character), and yesterday, I pointed out 6 things we learned from the Batman comic. Today, I'm taking a look at the rest of them and the cool tidbits revealed.

1. We know how Lex Luthor gets his hands on Kryptonian tech now

In Lois Lane's comic, she confronts Mr. Hanford, the CEO of Hanford Technologies, about some discrepancies she's found in some very important paperwork regarding the company's possession of some very dangerous Kryptonian technology. When pressed he confessed that though there were supposedly 8 pieces of alien tech recovered from the rubble of his former headquarters after the Battle of Metropolis, he only claimed 5. Turns out, he sold three of those pieces to an anonymous buyer on the black market. An anonymous buyer who had enough millions - or even billions - to buy three pieces of highly dangerous Kryptonian alien technology. And that buyer is none other than Lex Luthor, who has much more sinister plans for his acquired tech.

2. A secret committee has been formed to spy on and study Superman

We've already learned from the trailers that Superman has to appear before a Senate subcommittee hearing to testify about his part in the Battle of Metropolis. But what Senator Finch's comic reveals is that there's a joint committee between legislators and the military formed in secret that's been studying Superman for a while by the time the events of the movie happen, and they will presumably collect quite a bit of information on Superman without his knowledge. How might that affect things if it were to, say, fall into the hands of Lex Luthor? Still, it's understandable why they vote to form the committee, because...

3. A staggering HALF the population of Metropolis would conceivably be killed if a Kryptonian were to go rogue

Also in Senator Finch's comic is revealed this horrifying possibility: If a Kryptonian - like Superman or Zod - were ever to go rogue and turn on Metropolis, a full half the population could be wiped out in just half an hour. Senator Finch and her researchers put it together from a CGI model based on data they gathered from the Battle of Metropolis on the powers and abilities on an average Kryptonian male. It's understandable why they appreciate what Superman's done for humanity, but also why they're terrified of a scenario in which he turns on humanity. With the potential for devastation like that, they'd be crazy not to have concerns.

4. We can't possibly conceive of the pressure Superman is under every single day

Something the comics have always done, but that Man of Steel didn't necessarily do the best job of getting across, is showing just how much pressure Superman is under every single day just for being himself. Not in terms of how it always falls to him to save people or avert disaster, but in just how much restraint, control, and split-second calculating he has to do every single time he does something as simple as stopping a train. In fact, that's it, right there - to the citizens of Metropolis, stopping a train seems the equivalent of a menial office task to Superman, but it's not. It requires an enormous understanding of his own strength, physics, and and literal life-or-death decisions changing every single second. People expect him to be infallible, perfect - but he's just a man and has his limits, same as humans.

5. Very important people are afraid of him getting involved in international incidents

Superman's goal is to help people. When he's in the middle of stopping a speeding train from going off the tracks, he's not thinking about politics. When he's saving people from a burning building, he's not thinking about international incidents. But you can believe there are many people who absolutely are thinking about how Superman could affect the global political balance, people in very high positions of power, both in politics and the corporate world. There is a much larger game being played around Superman, and it's starting to appear as if certain groups will try to use him as a pawn before very long.

6. Blue Beetle might be coming to Metropolis

In Lex Luthor's comic, we learn that Lex Luthor has decided to stay in Metropolis and rebuilt Lexcorp. Other companies follow his lead and stay, and some even make the decision to move to Metropolis. One of these is Kord Industries, which was founded by Thomas Kord, but eventually taken over by Ted Kord, his son. But DC fans will know him better as Blue Beetle. As we can see from the picture above, it's still Thomas in charge of Kord, but still, it sets the stage for a young Blue Beetle to enter the picture, whether in Batman v Superman or in Justice League.

7. Lex Luthor has EVERYONE fooled

There are still many people who aren't sold on Jesse Eisenberg and Zack Snyder's interpretation of Lex Luthor, who, thus far hasn't seemed nearly as powerful and manipulative as he is in the comics. But the prequel comics change that. Lex Luthor is in every single one save for Senator Finch's comic, and he's spying on them all. He has his eyes and ears everywhere, on everything, and the friendly, humanitarian face he shows to the public belies how ruthless and malevolent he actually is. The trailers have made us think that because Lex Luthor is so young, he'll grow into his role as a villain through the course of the movie. But the prequel comics show he's already well on his way, with sinister schemes he's already put into motion. He has everyone fooled, us included.

You can read the comics here.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters on Friday, March 25th.


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