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With the hit US drama back in form from its mid-season hiatus last week, I look at the top 5 moments from this week's episode 'Live to Fight' (S5 ep.12)

(WARNING: Major Spoilers and Use of Explicit Language)

5. Donna's Dad isn't afraid of Harvey

After finally being introduced to part of Donna's heritage it was quite surprising she didn't descend from a notorious spy, but we met her off the books business man dad. Her father didn't seemed fazed by verbal attacks by Harvey be it in flashbacks or the present, showing where Donna gets her confidence in heated situations.

4. Jeff is Back!

Yes everyone Jeff Malone, the man who famously got Louis to claim he "eats cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner" returns. Back doing a favour for the ever demanding Jessica as he talks to fraudster Mike and forces the under investigation lawyer to understand that his actions have cost everyone who is burdened with his secret.

3. Harvey Bluffs and Wins

You'd think a vaguely worded letter from a Harvard Professor would raise more questions than answers in the case of Mike Ross. However you would be wrong, as Harvey magically secures a deal with the evil defence attorney Anita Gibbs. Yet now Professor Gerard's name has been brought up I doubt that's the last we will see of him in this case.

2. Louis Condemns Mike

...albeit indirectly. As Louis' attempts to silence his former flame Sheila Sazs, who is revealed to have sent anomalous tip about Mike to the authorities. Louis' confrontation of Sheila leads to her realising he knew about Mike, as this is likely to be the reason why Sheila came forward after claiming she was never going to reveal it was her. Oh Louis!

1. Rachel Moves Against Harvey

You'd think that finding out who sent the tip would be more important, but in fact realising that Rachel was beginning to seriously suggest that Mike should turn against his friend and mentor was as double worrying as she also tried to get Donna to do the same. Should the case go to trial it would be interesting to see Rachel on the other side of the investigation, as she may see Anita Gibbs as someone to make a deal with by throwing Harvey under the bus in order to save Mike.

Suits is back next Wednesday on USA Network and Mondays on Dave, but don't forget UK viewers Dave airs episodes 5 days later. If you spoiled this episode for yourself, he knows how you feel...


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