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Ever since Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted flirting over a vape pen session at this year's Golden Globes, rumors have been flying that the two are beginning a romance.

Neither Katy nor Orlando have come out and admitted anything (to be fair, they haven't denied anything either), and they're content to enjoy each other's company.

Most recently, they were spotted at a birthday celebration for Orlando Bloom's manager Aleen Keshishian at the Sunset Tower Hotel on Wednesday night.

The pair snuggled up with some other famous faces

via Instagram
via Instagram

That's Jason Bateman on the left and Jennifer Aniston second from the right. Jennifer shares her manager with Orlando, and both she and Katy have been coupled with John Mayer in the past.

At this stage, Katy and Orlando very well could be just new friends, but either way he better be making an appearance in a music video for the singer's next era.


Do you support a Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom romance?

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