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Welcome to Streamer Sunday! This is a weekly ongoing series that spotlights Twitch/YouTube video game streamers. This week: Matty Vicious!

1) For those that don't know who you are, why don't you tell us a little about yourself.

Well, My name is Matt and I am 27 years old. I have been playing videos games since I can remember starting with the NES. I remember getting the Super Nintendo when they came out and being the most happy kid in the world. After that is when this life of gaming really kicked in. I also play in a metal band called Quick Victim which has been around for about 9 or more years, playing shows regularly. Love it.

2) How long have you been streaming?

Honestly I have only just begun my streaming a week ago and fell deeply in love with it, I've always wanted to stream and either got too busy or wasn't in the mood. Man am I glad I started it up tho. Don't think i'll ever stop. I stream for the fun of it.

3) What types of games do you find to be the best to play for a stream session?

Well if you are looking for a lot of viewers you want to stream new games as soon as they release, or play the free games that Xbox has free every month so people see you in the store. If you are playing for fun and don't really care about how many viewers you get then play what's most fun for you, I much enjoy playing horror games live on stream, everyone gets to see me scream like a little girl.

4) What has been your favorite game to stream so far?

My favorite game to stream so far has got to be Minecraft story mode, but unfortunately I just finished that the other day so now it's time to move on to a new game, like The Division or other new releases that I'm super amped for.

5) What do you have currently going on?

HAHA, lots of stuff. I do a big variety of game streams so there is ALWAYS something to be played. Outside of streaming my band is going to start working on a new album which I'm excited for. Perhaps I'll even play some of It on future streams.

6) Why Twitch? I mean, now that YouTube offers the same sort of thing why not go to the bigger platform?

I used to actually DO youtube videos, I did gameplay videos. I mainly did Horror games like Amnesia and Slender type stuff, wasn't really into the whole "record yourself and post it up" I much rather enjoy live streaming. I am honestly not a fan of YouTube live stream, I just have a feeling that that site is going to die out, That and Twitch has such an AWESOME community full of friendly and hilarious people that it's hard NOT to do.

7) How was adapting to the world of video game streaming?

Adapting to live streaming is definitely weird at first, a lot of talking to yourself. I mean I talk to myself a lot anyway but not in front of people like you do on twitch, but hey its awesome. When viewers chat it's makes it an amazing time.

8) What's on the horizon for you?

I'm going to be streaming The Division, Unravel, Gone Home and many other new games. I'm also going to be getting new equipment so I can do more things with my streams. Honestly I can not WAIT!!

9) Where can people follow you and watch you stream?

Everyone who would want to follow me and watch my streams can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Twitch at the links below.



Twitter: @Matty_Vicious

Also anybody who is interested in my band can check out our YouTube and Facebook pages.




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