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Extreme athlete turned FBI Agent, Johnny Utah, is sent undercover to join a group of extreme athletes moonlighting as criminals, to gain their trust and ultimately turn them in.

Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez take over the classic roles of Johnny Utah and Bohdi, originally played by Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in the original Kathryn Bigelow directed action film.

What I can say about this remake of one of my personal favorite action films of all time is that it does attempt to do something different from the original and update it for a modern audience. The original Point Break is very much a 90's classic and therefore a straight up remake would not have worked at all. So this remake does have that going for it....and also some pretty impressive stunt work...but other than that....I can't say many positive things about this remake.

Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey, The November Man) gave up his extreme lifestyle after witnessing a close friend fall to his death after an almost impossible motocross trial, he put his skills to use in the FBI and for his first big case he's sent to investigate a bunch of crimes that he discovers are connected. These criminals are going after the Ozaki Eight, a list of almost impossible extreme stunts that will help the individual reach total enlightenment, but on their way to enlightenment, they're pulling off some high stakes crimes to give back to the people of the world. He meets Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez, Joy), a spiritualistic individual leading this group of crusaders.

Edgar Ramirez as Bodhi was interesting casting and I thought that it could have worked, but he fails to bring any amount of charm or charisma to the role, he's very flat in his delivery and gives a very boring performance. Luke Bracey as Utah isn't anything special either. Keanu Reeves isn't a great actor but he managed to inject the role with so much energy and it's obvious to see he was giving 110% in the original film, but Bracey, like Ramirez just feels bored and very flat. Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies) is an actress I believe to be capable of giving a good performance and here she may have given the worst of the bunch. She plays the love interest of Utah, but the two have little to no chemistry.

Even though Utah is a pro at Motocross and nothing else apparently, he seems to be a professional at every single extreme task the film throws his way, whether it be surfing, snowboarding or rock climbing. This takes away all risk and stakes and not once did I feel that either of our two lead characters were in any danger whatsoever.

Like I said at the beginning of my review, the stunts are impressive and a lot of them were done practically which I appreciated, but whenever CGI was needed for a scene, it took me completely out of the movie, which I never really was all that invested in to begin with. The visual effects here are awful, even a simple green screen effect looked laughable.

Everything is bigger in this remake, the action is more grand in scale, the stakes are a lot higher and the plot takes us around the globe, but all of this takes precedence over good performances and solid direction. Point Break is so obsessed with showing us the global stakes that it forgets to establish a real relationship between Utah and Bodhi therefore losing any real interest in the characters from the audience. From the opening scene I knew I was in for something truly terrible and it managed to get worse and worse with every scene. It lacks both the charm and heart that made the original 1991 film a beloved entry in the action genre.

Point Break is a laughable and almost un-watchable remake of the 1991 classic of the same name. It believes itself to be deep in theme but comes off as incredibly cheesy and not in a good way. The stunts are impressive but the characters are flat and the performances boring. I highly recommend missing this one.

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