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For those of us keeping up with The Flash, we already know that next week's episode is about to get trippy: Team Star Labs from our Earth is gearing up and heading to Earth-2 to stop Zoom. And there, they'll literally come face-to-face with themselves as they encounter their parallel world doppelgängers.

We've already seen that it's been a difficult time for Barry Allen & co. to accept the Earth-2 Harrison Wells after continually comparing him to our Earth's Reverse Flash version of Harrison Wells, so imagine how it might mess with their heads to see alternate universe versions of their own selves in action. In fact, it will be such a shock that Jay Garrick warns them not to let it suck them in emotionally, no matter what they see:

Obviously, it will be weird as hell for Caitlyn Snow to see her alternate version is actually ruthless villain Killer Frost. And you also have to expect that it will hit her right in the gut to see Ronnie again...but not her Ronnie, and this time a villain. Everything has a weird, future-retro vibe with clear a Art Deco aesthetic mixed with advanced technology.

But something that could become important later in the season is how seeing both himself and Earth-2's Iris West could affect Barry Allen in our world. The eagle-eyed Natalie Abrams with EW noticed something about the Earth-2 Barry Allen and Iris West:

There's a wedding ring on Iris, but not on Barry. So it appears that Iris is married to someone in Earth-2...and it's not him. Even though our Barry is still reeling from the heartbreak of letting Patty slip through his fingers, we all know that Iris is who he is - quite literally - destined to be with. Will seeing another Iris in another world married to another man resurrect his old feelings for his Iris? Is this what will plant the seeds for the "will they or won't they" storyline between Barry and Iris finally becoming "they did?"

Obviously, we'll find out on Tuesday. But it's almost impossible to think that it won't get the gears turning in the introspective Barry Allen's head.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CW.


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