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Now that I have completed part 1 on why Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will be a better than the [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) movie, it is now it is time to make a case for why Deadpool will be a better movie than BOTH?!!! Deadpool, what did you do with my notes?!!!

Well anyway, here are some reasons why Captain America Civil War will be better than Batman V. Superman.

Loosely based on the comic, CIVIL WAR.

Inspired by the comic Civil War that was a marvel event with many comic titles connected, this movie will follow loosely into the footsteps on where a incident took place that caused many casualties, a superhero registration act, and the support or resistance of that act, and there you have a Civil War. This will not go down frame for frame like in the comic book, so don't look for that. But the content of this movie is promised to be as intense if not more so as the books.

Marvel Studios has a recipe for success.

In 2008, Marvel Studios began their cinematic run with Iron Man, and from there, they came out of the gate swinging and were knocking them out of the park. With a cast of great actors and actresses, quality sets, and near flawless special effects, Marvel has made many successful films and not only brought together superheroes to make two Avengers films, they have connected every movie in their cinematic universe. And with that success, they are getting more and more ambitious. With Captain America Civil War possibly being their most ambitious film to date since The Winter Soldier, there are more new movie titles of new superheroes on the rise. Their seems to be no end in sight and they are not looking back.

This is the biggest Marvel solo movie in the MCU to date.

Ever since the Marvel cinematic connection has been established and has dubbed each wave of movies as phases, they have found a way to integrate other characters into their solo films. Each film has added more and more characters from other films where they made brief cameos or actually got some action. Captain America Civil War will be their most cast abundant solo film they have made thus far. This is clearly a Captain America film, hence the title, but with the majority of the Marvel superheroes are in this film, this is practically an Avengers movie, but this time, they are not saving the world.

It's Superheroes vs. Superheroes.

This will not be a cheery film where the good guys beat up the bad guy. Though there may be some of that, what's taking precedence in the film is the Civil War that takes place. Whatever reasons that lead to this battle, sides are chosen and superheroes and friendships will be lost, maybe even lives. This is the first superhero film that has superheroes fighting against each other that has team battle royal written all over it. Which side will YOU choose?

Tony Stark (Iron Man) is in this film.

If you have grown weary of the lackluster sequels that followed the phenomenal Iron Man movie, you are in for treat. From the comic book Civil War, Tony was front and center a major character of the story. He was appointed to be the face of the registration and was to convince Steve Rogers that the registration was the best thing for everybody. Steve didn't see it that way. Because of their disagreement, he and Steve Rogers (Captain America) were pitted against each other. This is one is no different, kind of. Motivations will differ, but one thing is for sure is that they will not only disagree, they will do battle with high stakes involved.

They have butted heads in the Avengers films, but they seemed to see eye to eye in the end. This time around, they won't be so lucky. What is great about this is that we get to see what happens when two headstrong characters that won't budge on their ideals go toe to toe. From the 1st Avengers movie, I had a feeling that it was very possible that a Civil War movie may actually happen. It was the most popular conflict we have seen in the comics in years. So much so, their is another Civil War saga coming back to Marvel Comics.

The Winter Soldier movie has brought such a serious tone to the MCU, so when bringing Tony Stark into the mix with this style of film, this will give his character what he really needs, some real heartfelt structure. Tony hasn't really felt the guilt of his creations that have gone awry. It always bothered me about Tony. I think in this movie that the chickens finally come home to roost. This may end up being RDJ best performance of all his Marvel films. Expect a more intense Tony Stark.

Multiple Superheroes may actually die.

In war, there are casualties. In the comic, lives were lost. This movie will not be any different. Despite what the trailer has shown, we really don't who lives and who will die. This is a major step in the MCU bringing darkness and some sadness as some of your favorite superheroes may actually lose their lives. Very ambitious, but you never know, with a life gem in play, a resurrection may come into play. But still, that moment when any of them dying will be heartfelt.

I know imagery in the Age of Ultron did paint a dark picture of the Avengers demise, but that may not even compare to what happens in Civil War.

The Black Panther is here.

As much as I can go down the list of which superheroes are in this film, I am going to focus on some major new arrivals. After the Avengers make a brief, but destructive visit to Wakanda in Avengers AoU, it was clear that the Black Panther would soon make an appearance...

...and looks like he is in the thick of things in the Civil War. We don't know what are his actual motivations, but possibly the fallout that led to the Hulk vs Hulkbuster smash fest that took place in his homeland may be the main reason. Don't know why he is on team Iron Man considering it was kind of his fault what went down, but here he is and he looks fierce and powerful.


Don't look now, but Ant-Man has entered himself into the fray...Well, you can look, but you probably couldn't see him. After his solo film debut, he is more than ready to play with the big boys. With a show of very effective capabilities, he will be an integral ally on team Captain America. I am personally excited for his appearance in this film.


Uhhh...he's in this film, right? According to Marvel, he is in this movie. To what capacity, we don't know? What team will he be on? We don't know yet. We know at least in the comics, he was originally on team Iron Man, but had a change of heart and switch sides. He has been a ghost as far as trailers go so far, but I am sure the moment he is seen, he will be trending unlike anything we have ever seen. Spider-Man is Marvel's best character, bar none. To have him in the MCU for the first time with the likes of Iron Man and Captain America...that alone is enough reason to put this above any superhero film this year. Of all the characters that could cameo, his appearance could be biggest event to date. I think a Wolverine cameo could be just as huge only if, but... Fox is holding on to him very tightly. Either way, I and I'm sure many others are looking forward to the 1st clip of Spidey debuting in the Civil War movie.

Chris Evans is the Captain America for the ages.

The Winter Soldier, Civil War...these movies wouldn't succeed without the stellar depiction of Steve Rogers aka Captain America by Chris Evans. Chris has truly made Captain America the most important character in MCU. With the best sequel of all the solo movies, he is about to have a second successful sequel to add to his collection, at least it appears. He physically transformed himself into Captain America and even done a fair share of his own stunts. He also nailed Steve Rogers character. Captain America The First Avenger was not a perfect movie, but developing Steve Rogers was the most important and best part of the movie. I was actually missed the scrawny Steve, but not enough to where I want him to revert back. Chris almost didn't take the role, but since he had second thoughts, he has wiped away the bad memories of terrible Captain Americas. He's been amazing.

I can't imagine what's in store for him or Iron Man in the Civil War, but we know that they will have an epic one on one battle and the aftermath will change them and the MCU forever. With the success of Captain America The Winter Soldier and all the intangibles in play, this movie may be Marvel's best film, well maybe at least until the Avengers Infinity War movies arrive.

I feel like...

...I could go on and on about the reasons why this will be a better movie than Batman V Superman, but I really shouldn't. I think these points are more than enough. When I finished part one, I felt compelled by the points I made about Batman V Superman to bring this in to a closer race. It still is in my book. We can only hope it is a close race. Because if it is, then DC and Marvel have just made cinematic history. No, they are already making history.


Will Captain America Civil War will outdo Batman V Superman?


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