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Let me first stay, that they are right. There is a problem with Hollywood, that there is to many reboots that're being made, too many remakes that're being made, and their being made half-baked, and there forgettable. I do believe that creativity is dying, but it's not dead yet. Why? Because in the six years I'd went to college and university, getting two degrees in Graphic Design, I've practiced screenwriting using CELTX, Final Draft 7 &8, and even used Foundation and Movie Outline 3.1, to craft brilliant screenplays and pilot scripts. I have them on not only my CELTX account, which is the best account that I have, but also my Amazon Studio account as well. I'm even going to Full Sail University, for my Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, to study more about screenwriting. I've had numerous experiences with business, thus how I have my own small business, to tie in with my work.

I'm an Novelist of numerous novels that I've written in those years. I know it sounds a little conceited, but I just want to be the guy that resurgences creativity, so that other Creative Writers out there, like myself, will see it and raise the bar as well. I believe that there can be a change, and I want to be part of the solution, not stand around and do nothing. You can check out my website for more at:

Celestial Graphics


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