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We at the United States of Nerd recently had the opportunity to cover the AEExpo in Las Vegas, Nevada. This gave us the chance to speak with numerous personalities and have an interview or two. First up: Carrie Royale!

1) Hello! It was great to meet you at this year’s AEExpo. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! It was great meeting you as well. My name is Carrie Royale, I’m known for my very much publicized encounter with a Prince in Vegas the summer of 2012. I also was a jet setting socialite in Hollywood long before my infamous royale tryst. My experiences have been with a bevy of politicians and celebrities. I’ve modeled, became a small business owner and grew successful businesses.

2) What brought you to AEExpo this year?

The AEExpo was a great place to officially launch the Carrie Royale Collection and also receive feedback. We couldn’t be happier with the positive results we received from the public and the adult entertainment industry. Connecting with my fans and making new ones is also very important to me, It was a good place to update everyone.

3) What gave you the idea for the Carrie Royale Collection?

My experiences as a dominatrix and socialite provided the foundation for my dream of packaging a collection of adult entertainment items into a great collection. Each Novel contains everything you need to re-enact a sizzling Carrie Royale experience. Our "Novel" packaging was designed to discreetly store your fantasy collection until you can bring it to life. The collection contains something for everyone - princess fantasies to bondage scenarios.

4) Where will The Carrie Royale Collection be available?

You can see them all online now at and will be arriving soon in April in novelty shops and major adult entertainment outlets.

5) What does the Carrie Royale Experience encompass?

This can reference toward my book and collection line, The Carrie Royale Experience breaks the boundaries of what goes on behind closed doors and the misunderstood underground lifestyle.

6) So, how was your night with the Prince?

It was a once in a lifetime experience that I get to talk more about in my book.

7) How is it writing the book? Do you find it daunting to think back on everything and be able to put it into words?

Writing my book has taken me a few years, only because it has been a bit daunting. I had a journal and wrote in it a lot, so remembering wasn’t a problem. Writing the dirty details out in full description was the challenge.

8) Can you give us any tidbits to be excited for in your upcoming book?

My exposed secret leads me into a closeted, unimaginable world that few have experienced. In the aftermath of tragedy, my faith ultimately proved me with the strength for survival and ultimately success. I will take you on an exciting ride as I tell you the true story of a wild and outrageous life of sex, secrets and a misunderstood high-end lifestyle. Readers will be captivated by my seductively powerful memoir and cautionary tale.

9) I think using the underwear in a show as brilliant. What gave you the idea to do that?

As a dominatrix I use props, tools and equipment, I thought it would be appropriate to use them.

10) How often do you get back to Vegas?

I feel like Vegas is my second home. I’m there often, happily.

11) Other than The Carrie Royale Collection what else are you working on right now?

I am finally finishing up my tell all “whip” book. I’m really excited to finally share not only what has inspired my Carrie Royale Collection but reveal many unanswered questions and get more into depth of my experiences.

12) Where can people follow you?

You can follow me at

I’m also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook under Carrie Royale.

Thank you for your time!

It was my pleasure!


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