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Based on the hugely popular Goosebumps novels by author R.L Stine, the film adaptation takes all of his monstrous creations and throws them into the real world. Zach, Hannah, Champ and a fictionalized version of R.L Stine played by Jack Black must put an end to this nightmare and capture all of his monsters.

Zach (Dylan Minnette, Prisoners) believes that his next door neighbor, Hannah (Odeya Rush, The Giver), is in danger from her sociopath father. One night he sneaks into the house with his new friend, Champ, and accidentally opens one of the locked Goosebumps manuscripts in the house and unleashes the Abominable Snowman of Pasadena which leads to all of the books being opened and all of R.L Stine's creations escaping into the real world.

Jack Black (Kung Fu Panda 3) perfectly hams it up as a fictionalized version of real Goosebumps author R.L Stine, it's obvious to see he's having a great time in the role and he injects a lot of energy into the film. Dylan Minnette and Odeya Rush are also pretty good, the two have great chemistry and both their characters are extremely likable. Ryan Lee (Super 8) as Champ delivers the most laughs. But no ones seeing Goosebumps for the human characters, we want monsters! And boy do we get monsters.

Every R.L Stine creation from the Werewolf of Fever Swamp to Slappy the talking ventriloquist dummy is unleashed into reality and causes terror on the town. The monsters are great, there's many fun scenes of the group trying to capture the monsters back into the books and whilst not all of the visual effects looked as good as some others, it was never distracting. Slappy, perhaps Stine's most popular creation leads the charge against Stine and hopes to take revenge for locking him away in a book for all these years.

To my surprise, the Goosebumps film works very well, I was afraid that by sticking all of the monsters in the same movie, the film would become bloated, but by the filmmakers making this an all monster attack instead of an anthology series focusing on one monster at a time, the scenes stay fun, inventive and fresh. A third act twist adds some high stakes to the plot and a surprising emotional punch you won't see coming.

Goosebumps is a fun, spooky and heartwarming ride filled with likable characters, exciting action and a variety of fun monsters. I recommend seeing it.

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