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This week, Moviepilot gave me an opportunity to attend another press screening for them. This week I got to see the film Eddie the Eagle, which hits theaters February 26. For you guys who have been looking forward for this movie, take my word for it as this was a spectacular movie. The film is based on a true story of a determined ski jumper, Eddie Edwards (Taron Egerton), who wants to make the 1988 Winter Olympics, but has many setbacks and people who hold him back. With help from a rebellious and charismatic coach (Hugh Jackman), he gets to follow his dreams. The movie has many laughs and is just an all around 'feel good movie'. As me and my friend Timmy left the theater that night, there was one thing that we couldn't get off our minds: Taron Egerton.

Taron Egerton was a huge hit in Kingsman: The Secret Service. The actor who was unknown by most people really became a hit. He was like a young James Bond with his charming and funny attitude as he also gave off a bad-ass vibe. His character in Kingsman was so well developed on multiple levels. Then, we get this movie, Eddie the Eagle. His character was a polar opposite to Eggsy in Kingsman but was still a spectacular character. Egerton played a kind-hearted, determined, diligent character who was not well liked and always put down by either his father or the olympic officials, but he followed his goals and never gave up, no matter the impossible challenges in his way. He was a unique character who was very productive but very goofy in a good kind of way. He also appealed to the smaller audience. There are not too many movies these days that give off such a strong, heart-felt message like Eddie the Eagle did.

Taron Egerton is a breaking out star. After Kingsman: The Secret Service and Eddie the Eagle, it has really proven what great of an actor Egerton is. He is not a Seth Rogen or a Tom Cruise who plays the same character in every one of their movies. The Kingsman sequel is being produced and filmed as of now with Egerton once more. He will star in many more movies and franchises. He is the next rising actor and I personally think he will be huge in less than 5 years. After working with Egerton on this movie, Hugh Jackman has come out and said that he highly recommends that Egerton plays the next Wolverine in the new X-Men movies, Fox should take his advice.

Is Taron Egerton the next break out star? Should he play the next Wolverine? Tell me below!

Eddie the Eagle was a fantastic film and it hits theaters February 26, 2016!


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