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The movie “Rear Window”, is a mystery thriller film and it was filmed in 1954. It was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and was written by John M. Hayes. It was considered to be one of Hitchcock’s best. It was shot entirely at Paramount studios. The film received four Academy Award nominations. In 1997 Rear Window was added to the United States National Film Registry for being historically significant. It was also released in a Collector’s Edition DVD in 2000.

The Rear Window in a brief summary doesn’t reveal just what makes this Hitchcock film most delightful after repeated viewings, but makes it a serious film for students to study. It is a crowd pleasing film of suspense, a study for students to study, and a humorous love story.

Though it is a Hitchcock thriller, it also includes some bits of comedy, psychological insight. romance and magnificent style.

Jeff, having a broken leg, becomes obsessed with watching his neighbors with a set of binoculars. The unexpected scariest minute of terror was when he was talking to the suspected killer and thinking it was his friend. While watching Rear Window, we’re tucked inside Jeff’s room for the entire movie. We experience as much of the visual space as the main characters do. It pulls you right in the movie for you are experiencing what they are experiencing.

Peter Bogdanoyich and others have said it is “perhaps the best example of what Hitchcock’s cinema stood for.”

Even Hitchcock admitted Rear Window is his most fully cinematic work and was pleased with the way he was able to tell so much of the story visually. Beyonf the pace and visual look the sound is impressively cinematic. Everything we hear is on the screen. There is no music or sound effect that isn’t supposed to be coming from a source within the story. Sounds just pop in and out, some loud and getting our attention, others are barely heard, just drifting by giving clues and exposing the characters and their relationships. The studio technicians were honored with an Academy Award nomination for their work.

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