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Over the years horror comedies have received a lot of scrutiny from some die-hard horror fans, they cannot appreciate the comedic undertone prevalent in said films. But on October 23, 2015 the h/c genre changed for the better with writer/director Christopher Landon's opus Scout's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. I remember halfway through July I saw a Facebook advertisement for this film and I immediately "liked" their page so I could stay up to date on everything related to this film. After receiving an Amazon gift card I pre-ordered this film so I could receive it and watch it the day it came out. And boy, was I impressed.

The film stars a haired David Koechner, and the incomparable Cloris Leachman, as well as some great up and comers. One of the praises I need to offer up is the three main teenagers actually look like teenagers, rather than 26 year old actors playing teens.

Landon makes some very stylistic choices in this film which set it apart from others. With his use of Soulja Boy, to drastic color changes per scene this film has a lot to offer to filmmakers. Though Landon keeps some of the old tropes like a "gearing up" montage that all great horror films have.

One of the great things this film offers is extreme attention to detail with the zombies. In a behind the scene clip the filmmakers show how each zombie is different in not just their walk, but their makeup as well. Each zombie had particular makeup, so that not one looked anything similar to the other. This is a relief from those god awful World War Z zombies.

Scout's Guide offers scares, boobs, gore, and a great dick joke; it does not scrimp in the comedy section. If you talk to someone else who has seen this film they'll reference one of two jokes: the Brittney zombie or the old guy phallus. Since I would rather not provide the latter scene, here is there fantabulous Brittney zombie.


Scout's Guide is a refreshing look on the plateaued sub genre of zombies. A group of Juniors in high school want to become cool and get to the Senior class party, which happens to take place in a warehouse. *drop the beat* Quick side note I wish my high school had warehouse parties, like damn. The film chronicles the boys as they try and get to the Senior party.

The cherry on top of the film as, surprisingly, at the very beginning of the film. Without giving it away, because it is a fantastic opening which properly sets the feel for the ENTIRE movie, just know it involves an Iggy Azelia song and a Workaholics star, and it is GREAT. Properly bloody and darkly humorous this film will strike your funny bone while chilling it at the same time. I cannot strongly recommend this film enough to any die hard h/c fan, as well as for die hard horror fans.


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