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There are actors and actresses who are well known throughout Hollywood that can sing. Anna Kendrick starred in Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 and had an outstanding performance in Disney's Into The Woods. Hugh Jackman, of course, can sing. In fact did you know he first started out on Broadway before he became an actor?

Due to musicals, there are actors out there that shocked their fans about singing, or their fans came to learn about their singing voices by looking up their movie history. Some actors (like Hugh Jackman) took the world by surprise by showing audiences that Wolverine could sing. But there are actors out there, that took the world by shock when they started in musicals themselves.

1. Ewan McGregor

Now if this name doesn't sound familiar to you perhaps Obi-Wan Kenobi will (from Star Wars: Episode 1-3). That is right, Obi-Wan can sing and he blew his Star Wars fans (and the world) away when starring in Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman in 2001. Check out his singing voice below.

Should have tired and serenaded the Sith with that. Did anyone else's heart melt when he started singing? You can also check out McGregor in Disney's upcoming movie, Beauty and the Beast.

2. Christian Bale

Seize the day cause you heard it right-the former batman actor can sing. Christian Bale was one of the actors who surprised the fans of the Dark Knight Trilogy when mentioned in interviews and videos that he stared in Disney's 1992 Newsies as Jack. Let's take a listen to Batman's voice below:

Perhaps Batman should have tired singing to Bain or maybe even the joker.

3. Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler was one of the voices that honestly had (some) people in tears with how beautifully he sang in Andrew Loyd Weber's 2004 Phantom of the Opera. But what really took fans by surprise (those who don't like musicals or never knew about the movie) was when he took his role in Zack Synder's 2007 movie 300. Let's listen to this beautiful voice singing:

Well you heard it here folks, Leonidas can sing. I feel like he should have just sang at that last moment he was alive. If I was a God I'd change my mind and not kill him (just saying). Oh, did you know Butler had NO singing training, he played the role last minute.

4. Patrick Wilson

His most noticeable role is Insidious: Chapter 1 & 2 and The Conjuring and, it seems we'll see him in the sequel as well. Patrick Wilson was one of those unknown actors at the time, but as his acting career began to grow thanks to the horror industry, audiences are starting to catch on. When mentioned he sang in Phantom of the Opera in 2004 most horror fans were shocked. Take a listen to his famous duet along with Emmy Rossum:

If I was a demon or even a ghost haunting a house, I'd leave just by hearing that and knowing heaven really does exist. Check him out in the upcoming film The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist due out in theaters June 10th.

5. Chris Pine

In Disney's 2014 Into The Woods Chris Pine (a.k.a. Captain Kirk) took the world by storm, making fan girls cry as they found out the actor could sing. Chris Pine also voiced the lovable character, Jack Frost, in DreamWorks Rise of the Guardians. Check out the captain's voice below:

Jack Frost, maybe if you sang to pitch, he would have been scared of you or perhaps, people then would have believed in you.

6. Carlos Valdes

Cisco, from the CW's The Flash. A special thanks thanks to my fiancé, who showed me a clip of Cisco singing. Did you know that he can sing? Cause I was pretty shocked myself. Now people, yes nerds can sing, and here's proof. Listen below:

Barry Allen, make this guy sing and perhaps you wouldn't have to be the only one fighting crime or maybe he could just sing you instructions as you fight crime?

There you have it, 6 amazing and talented actors who can sing and need to share their voices with the world. Some of these hidden voices may have been known, but till this day, fans across the world are still dropping their jaws as they hear an actor from one of their favorite movies sing.


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