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Starting from the beginning
Clare Dunsford

Doctor Who, The Dead Planet, Series One, Episode Five.

And here we go once again, hope you all have been having a great week but lets get busy. The Dead Planet starts of with the Doctor and his companions in the Tardis, from where they have just escaped the Cavemen.

The episode starts of with the Doctor and his companions outside on the new planet though something is strange, everything seems to still even though there is a gust. The soil shouldn’t have had anything growing out of it any way and the trees feel like stone, well this should be cool to get my teeth into.

The Doctor proves to us his curious and adventuring side is still there as he wonders of to try and find out what happened to this planet.

Ian once again proves he is the one with the trousers on and he comforts Babara as she starts to think about what if she and him can never get home. Though I’m not that keen on her constant whining I actually do feel sympathy for her on this one. They were kidnapped and now they’re all alone in a different world. I’m not even sure if they will get home. Though I do think they will. Companions have died in the future but I very much doubt Doctor Who would start of with something like that. I miss Amy and Rory so much!! I agree with batman! If you don’t know what I’m talking about watch How It Should Have Ended, the doctor who one. I am batman! I love it.

“He seems to have a knack at getting into trouble” And Ian couldn’t have said it any better but if only he knew. He thought this Doctor was trouble? Ha. He hasn’t seen anything yet.

Susan then marvels at a flower she has found…has this girl not seen a flower before? She seems oddly exited by it in a adoring kind of way though maybe because its made of stone and that’s why she liked it so much. Sorry I’m not really a flower fan. Yes they are pretty colours sometimes but I do not see the appeal.

I like doing something and staring at a flower or a interesting plant, that just stands still and doesn’t move at all I find a little boring. Now a Venus Flytrap, that’s my kind of plant. The Doctor, like me, doesn’t find it that interesting, while I think Ian humors her.

Babara then see’s something frightened and calls for Ian. Ian like a good husband runs to her aid. Accidentally crushing Susan’s poor flower in the process. While Susan can just look dramatically horror filled and hurt. Cheer up Susan, I’m sure there are plenty of other strange stone flowers around.

Barbara’s find is much, much more interesting.

A creature set in stone. Not just any creature, its obviously a alien and does look a little scary but not that much and not enough for Barbara to scream loudly (Again)

The Doctor is fascinated, as am I. But whats more fascinating is why it is set in stone, I personally enjoy mysteries and can’t wait for this one to be solved but will be happy to be on the journey to solving it, hopefully.

As Barbara whines about wanting to go home (Again) With Ian to comfort her (Again). Susan spots where the forest ends and its obvious the Doctor and Susan want to check it out.

Ian and Barbara ever the keen adventures, funnily enough do not and just want to get back home. The Doctor explains to them that this isn’t possible yet because reasons, though it does sound a little bit like he might be hiding the fact he doesn’t really know how to work his ship properly.

The Doctor tells Barbara that the planet is dead “Totally dead” Que Title! Though he does make us wonder how this came to be but also a little bit of dread, what on earth could have killed everything? I’m interested. Ian then calls them over desperately. He has found a city and yes I just did say found, I didn’t think cities were easy to find. Though I have to say I’m impressed at how interesting and daunting it looks in black and white. I’m pretty sure it if had colour it would look, well like a bad special affect.

The Doctor, ever so curious and probably not for any bodies good wants to study the city. Yes Doctor great idea, why don’t you just go into a abandoned city that practically has big red signs everywhere saying danger. Barbara disagrees and for logic reasons I disagree to as I would want to get of this planet as quickly as possible, you know, because its dead! But for story purposes and my own curiosity I told her to shove it and wanted him to go and see what it was. I was cheering when he said he’d go by himself but then Ian has to be logical and sensible buts his head in, dam it…

Susan decides to dally and gets left behind by picking up another stone flower that she found, again not really sure what she was over emotional about as there seemed a lot of flowers around. The music picks up and as if she can hear the music step up Susan starts to freak out. I wonder if she’ll scream? A hand touches her shoulder, I think it was a hand, didn’t get a good look at it, wonder who on earth would live on a planet like this? Alien survivor?

And Que screaming in 1, 2, 3…..There we go! Susan doesn’t let me down, though wish she would. Also Que over dramatic acting as Susan runs back to the ship, running into Ian who heard her scream. She is panicked and hysterical and my ears can’t take much more, though be fare to her, if she hadn’t already have a reputation for being dramatic and screamy (That is a word, okay?!) I probably would have felt for her as a hand grabbing you from behind in a meant to be deserted place does qualify for some screaming and freaking out.

The Doctor doesn’t believe Susan at all and gets Barbara to talk to her, because of their age is “closer”. Though he seems quite harsh here and I have a feeling the new Doctor’s would have believed her instantly and made it a chance for them to explore. The lunatic Doctors I know today would probably get over exited about it. I do think this shows a practical side to the Doctor and that he generally cares about Susan but is unsure how to handle her at times, like me, though at the moment its just unsure how to handle her and that’s it.

Wait, whats this? Does Barbara defend the Doctor? Barbara shows us her motherly side as she comforts Susan just like a child. Is it only me that finds this uncomfortable? Maybe because Susan clearly doesn’t look like a fifteen year old kid, so it looks rather like Barbara comforting a young women and Susan’s over kid acting doesn’t help. But I think Barbara may be telling a lie when she said she believed Susan, it feels like a lie most adults tell kids when they think its their imagination. Not sure what else to do as the script needs to end it at some point Barbara tells Susan to forget it for the moment, sure a spooky hand grabbing you in a dead planet is so easy to forget!

Boys together with shiny toys. Meanwhile Ian and the Doctor are arguing again. I wonder if this is becoming something regular, like Susan’s screaming unfortunately? Though I have to say their arguments are much more interesting that the shrill sound coming from Susan’s mouth when she is scared. Both basically arguing who is to blame, my blame goes on the Doctor, sorry Doctor. Yes Barbara and Ian did barge into you’re ship Doctor but YOU were the one who decided it would be a great idea to time travel with them still inside the ship! However I have to say he does know how to distract people easily but his subject changing wasn’t exactly subtle but FOOD….

Interesting, I didn’t know the Doctor had that odd food machine, maybe he through it out because its looks like bull? And had to of a Willy Wonka, Charlie and the chocolate feel to it? They got two square like pieces of food that was meant to be and taste like bacon and eggs. Mmmm, I want some bacon and eggs, maybe I’ll have a full english breakfast soon, I haven’t had one in ages. I need to stop thinking about bacon and eggs! Okay! Don’t look at me like that, you know you were thinking it to! If you don’t like bacon or eggs you have no soul, especially if you don’t like bacon! One of the reasons why I could never be a vegetarian, sorry but-Anyway! Where were we?

Oh yeah, just when they made it obviously clear Susan still isn’t back to normal because of her not hungry attitude there is a knock on the ships door. But this planet is dead, who could be knocking? Maybe who ever touched Susan out on the dead planet? This had suddenly peaked my curiosity. And the Doctors, as Susan pleads with him that they need to get out of here he can’t seem to ignore his own curiosity, despite probably leading them into incredible danger. But hey, that’s what the Doctor does isn’t it?

They look like the Doctor has seen their way but wait… am I seeing this wrong or did the Doctor purposely mess with his ship to keep them there while his companions weren’t looking? Doctor you sneaky bastard…I may like you even more now.

Though he could be just checking it, but I haven’t seen or don’t remembering him checking it before.

Oh wait, yeah he defiantly messed with it on purpose, I’m not mistaking that cheeky laugh after they all agree they have no choice to go to the city on the dead planet to find mercury to fix a very small but important part of the ship. Wow he is sneaky and despite putting everyone in danger to sate his need to go to the city because ADVENTURE and why not? I find I quite like this side to him.

Ian takes time to warn the Doctor or basically order him, that they are coming straight back to the ship after they find mercury. Though I have a feeling with the way the Doctor almost danced away with getting his own way and his cheer, he probably won’t be listen to him.

There is a close up on the strange small metal case left outside. It looks a bit like a pencil case actually. Barbara with the quote “Don’t touch it might go of” What…? Did she think it was a bomb? Is it just me or I don’t think bombs look like that. Though they have a right to be wary, I also found Ian poking it with a stick oddly funny and I am very interested and curious in seeing why someone left a metal case with glass files inside. However it defiantly does prove Susan was right and there is no room for argument. Why someone would leave that outside, I have no idea.

Though one of the easy differences despite having the energy of the New Doctor’s I know. He still reminds the audience he is still a old man and can’t walk very far. This physical weakness from the Doctor I am not used to seeing. The Doctor always had the normal abilities physically as a human, ignoring anything to do with his mind. But even when his regeneration was a lot older than his younger selves sometimes he always had this maniac energy to him and seems the type of guy who could out run you in a race or dance around you for hours despite their age. Seeing that they have chosen to let the viewers see his physical disabilities as a older man is quite extra ordinary for me. I’m not sure if I like it or not. As his rougher more alien attitude towards humans contrasts with his vunrable human body. And I’m not sure if that’s what they were going for or its because of the actor at the time, William Hartnell.

They stop inside the city, outside a building after the Doctor needs a rest, to rest his “weak knees”. Though again I have to say I am glad for the black and white as I am afraid color would make the set up of the city and building much less effective and look incredibly fake.

A odd looking door suddenly opens and Ian has the WORST POSSIBLE PLAN EVER. Oh my god, you do not separate, ever! Especially if you are somewhere unfamiliar. Weren’t Horror films out in their time? For gods sake Ian. I feel like punching him on the head with the stone flower Susan found. And Barbara agrees to this? Even-with-the-door-that-opened-by-its-self-and-looks-like-it-has-no-handle-and-they-won’t-know-how-to-close-it-if-it-closes-on-them?! Seriously?! This totally won’t end badly, and yes that was sarcasm.

Barbara went one way, Ian went another and the Doctor and Susan went a different way. I’d rather be with the Doctor to be honest. I’ll also pretend I didn’t see the picture of the alien corridors that’s supposed to look like the corridor is much, much longer than it is. And it doesn’t, at all.

And just as I guessed Ian’s plan to split up doesn’t go very well as Barbara gets trapped inside as Ian, the Doctor and Susan meet up again and wonder where she has gone. I’m blaming you for this Ian! While they wait it gives Barbara the perfect opportunity to act like the damsel in distress, waiting to be rescued, at least she isn’t Susan or she’d be screaming by now.

I wonder who is controlling the doors. It’ll be interesting to find out who. Suddenly as Barbara turns around there is a oddly…familiar…sucker…on…a…metal…stick…

Is that a Dalek? Oh my god, I can’t wait for the next episode! It ends there and I feel like screaming at the screen, Nooooooo. I want to see the Dalek! Give me the Dalek! Pleeaaasseeee. I am pleased to say that it did shock me a little bit when my brain caught up with my head, that was screaming that sucker looks familiar!

Did I mention I hate cliff hangers?

Doctor Who: Proved to me he is like the other Doctors and seems to enjoy walking into danger. Especially with a dead planet and a city that basically should have a red sign flashing danger over it, it is so easy to see. Though I did surprisingly enjoy how the Doctor is not as quick on his feet and is a old man, and they show this. And I love the Doctor tricking people and generally being a manipulative little shit. I hope we have more of this in the future.

Susan: Not really enjoying her as a character, would help if she didn’t scream as much and I tried to work out if in that time they like to portray all women this sensitive of if its a unwanted part of her personality. For gods sake Susan, its a flower, not a rare fossil! There are loads around that place. Its not like Ian broke your favorite toy.

Ian: I enjoy his arguments with the Doctor and has some good points but for the sake of the plot and the viewers he is ignored and we go out on a adventure. His kind of like the parent that’s telling you not to touch something when you were a kid, even though he is probably right but because life would be not interesting if you always listened to him you would touch it anyway. If you didn’t know, the Doctor is the kid. Though his dropped down on my list for the stupid lets split up on a dead planet in a place where we have no idea where we are plan.

Barbara: Eh. Okay. I guess I liked how she was comforting Susan. I like how caring her character seems to be. But in this episode she lost points on the being a damsel in distress in the ending. Though surprisingly despite not being the best character I do find myself now caring what happens to her, so… I’M STILL BLAMING YOU IAN IF ANYTHING BAD HAPPENS TO HER BECAUSE OF THAT PLAN!

Favorite Character- Doctor Who

Favorite Scene- The Doctor tricking everyone to go and look at the city, that chuckle of his at the end and the way he looked at the camera and that cockiness when he says, knowing his got his way “At first light then?” You manipulative tricky little shit but I love you.

Sorry it took so long. Next Classic Doctor Who Episode is called The Survivors. Until next time. Goodbye xxxxxx


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