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You Fanboys Get Offa My Lawn! I was Cosplaying before it was cool!
Stephen Bergstrom

Hi there.

Today, I decided that, as a fan, I should probably get in on the cash cow that is blogging about all the geeky things I'm into so i can retire and live comfortably on my own private uncharted island fortress.

I mean, isn't that why everyone does this? For the cash?


My name's Stephen, and I've been reading comics, watching genre movies, and playing video games since 1973. In the late 80s, I started attending the San Diego Comic-Con which, incidentally, was not nearly as huge then as it has become. <old-man rant> In 1987, you could buy a four-day pass at the door for $35, and you could walk down the dealers room on a Saturday without bumping into someone! MADNESS! </old man rant>

I started making and wearing costumes for the Con the following year. I've got a somewhat blurry photo of my first one here:

Yeah, I'm not nearly that thin anymore.
Yeah, I'm not nearly that thin anymore.

That was a fun year (and I got to date the woman in that photo for over a year, so BONUS!). I met Richard and Wendy Pini of Elfquest, Phil Foglio of Girl Genius (only then he was doing a book called Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire), and an up-and-coming artist named Todd MacFarlane. I still have the program guide that contains their autographs.

I tell you, those first few Cons really stoked the fires of my fanhood. To know that there were that many others who shared my interests and weren't being shy at all about it was really refreshing for me at that age. Back in the long long ago of the 1980s, being into sci-fi/fantasy/comics was pretty much the derided calling that movies and tv shows have stereotyped it into being. I am SO jealous of the kids (that's you people) who get to grow up in a world where being into these things is pretty much mainstream and more or less accepted.

Today, I own and operate a small business in San Diego, which affords me the opportunity to indulge my geekiness quite a bit more than in the past. Such as this little baby:

Fear Gojira. Fear Gojira's expensive frame.
Fear Gojira. Fear Gojira's expensive frame.

So, my goal with this blog is to fill in the details of my experiences growing as a fan, working in a comic-book store, drawing a comic (that actually saw print), and what I hope will culminate in the release of a comic that's been brewing in me for close to two decades now. Or festering. I'm not entirely certain which.

This is the (really late) beginning of the latest chapter of my life, which, oddly enough, is starting at the end of a 10-year marriage to a wonderful woman who, as it turned out, had her own adventures to pursue, and I hope hers end up as wonderfully as my own will. I hope you all will stick around to see what happens. I hope I can maintain my focus long enough to see it through! Adult ADHD isn't just a river in Egypt!


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