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FOX is moving forward with the Legion TV show on FX. Legion (David Charles Haller) is the long lost son of Professor X and Gabrielle Haller. FX is in preproduction on a pilot.

FOX has wanted an X-Men TV series for ages. Why wouldn’t they?

DC has a solid block on The CW, plus shows on CBS and FOX.

Marvel has ABC and Netflix shows all tied to their Cinematic Universe.

Legion provides FOX the perfect opportunity to launch into TV with its own brand all up in our geek faces.


Marvel only sold the X-Men Movie Rights to FOX. Means FOX cannot produce a TV Show without Marvel’ s blessing. Or Legal ok.

Now FOX and Marvel / Disney have not been the best of friends. Have you seen any X-Men : Days of Future Past toys? Read any Fantastic 4 comics?

That is the point.

Marvel has for years been slowly eroding the Mutants from their Comic line up. Marvel has slowed production of toys related to FOX owned properties. Marvel has changed promotional art to exclude Mutant Heroes in Favor of Heroes under Marvel’s Control. See Below.

and where o where have the X-Men gone
and where o where have the X-Men gone

Lets not even talk what they have done to the Fantastic Four.

They have been butchered. All of them are in separate parts of the Marvel Universe. Really the 1st Family of Comics all split up. The comic canceled.

FOX has been unwilling to play with Marvel too. FOX has made sure not to let any of it’s properties in any MCU Movie. FOX does not even allow the use of the word “Mutant” any MCU Movie or TV show.

Yes a bit harsh.

Why would Marvel now allow FOX to have its TV Show now? Plus Marvel is even helping develop the X-Men : Legion show.

2 words Fantastic Four.

After Fox released the worst movie of 2015 with Fantastic Four Re-Boot, this created a bargaining chip for Marvel.

FOX was desperate to get Fantastic 4 up and running to create their very own Cinematic Universe with The X-Men. FOX had a sequel in place in 2017. Well not any more.

Marvel wanted to use various characters in FOX’s stable. Mainly Silver Surfer and Galactus.

In the upcoming Avengers Movies they center on Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Key figures in that story are Galactus and The Silver Surfer. Not to mention they would be great in a Guardians Movies too.

This would be most precious to Marvel. The timing could not be better. Avengers Infinity War is out in 2018 time for a few additions to the cast.

Just for the Geek Factor of seeing Galactus and his World Ship the size of Uranus!!!! Do not bring up Galactus was in Rise of Silver Surfer. A big cloud thing does not count!! Galactus is not a space fart.

Now nothing is confirmed. So take this with a grain of salt.

FOX may have made a deal to let Marvel have or share in the rights with Fantastic Four in exchange for the X-Men TV series deal.

Means Marvel can promote and help shape the MCU and the other properties. FOX has not said anything about what is next for the X-Men. An assist from the current leader in the super hero genre could not hurt.


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