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How many times have you clicked on an article link about a TV show or movie full of spoilers and thought "why did I just read that before watching?"Or maybe you have seen comment sections full of people complaining about or revealing spoilers. Spoilers have been an ongoing issue for fans, especially in today's society thanks to social media. Everywhere we look, there are posts about things as soon as they occur. Sometimes it can be convenient, but other times it can be impossible to ignore.

Do you remember last year's Emmys, when they ran a montage of all the endings to TV series finales and everyone freaked out?

We invest our time in certain shows and look forward to movies so having a major plot point revealed can be a big blow. I believe we, as loyal viewers and fellow fans, need to come up with some unwritten rules on the topic of spoilers:

1. Contact

With binge watching so popular this day and age, the rate at which we watch shows has drastically changed. Some like to binge watch but others like traditional week to week watching. Therefore, I think you need to set ground rules with your friends/family/coworkers about how fast you watch these shows and when you can talk about something. People like to talk, so being on the same page will prevent those loose lips from revealing spoilers.

2. Social Media Etiquette

Don't be that person who live tweets a series finale and don't be that show that posts spoilers before certain parts of the country has seen the episode (ahem...TWD). Try to wait a day or two to post your reaction that includes important spoilers. If you cannot wait, then try to be vague or at least warn your followers before posting so they have a chance to pass over your posts! Just to be safe, don't follow the particular show on social media if you cannot commit to watching the shows as they air - and steer clear of fanpage accounts.

3. The Media

Here's the thing, if you click on an article and there's a warning about potential spoilers at the top and you don't want to see them, then stop reading that article! I have seen so many people complain about spoilers when they could have simply not clicked the link or stopped reading. On the flip side, articles need to make sure they leave spoilers out of their headlines and link pictures. We know you want click bait but don't make us mad after doing so!

4. In Public

Always be courteous to the people around you. That includes not spilling huge secrets while exiting movie theaters. I went to the first showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at my local theater and when the movie ended, most people were already talking about their reactions. Well, a few people didn't take into account all the people in the lobby waiting for their showing. Can you imagine waiting to see a movie like The Force Awakens and having it spoiled moments before you walk in? At least wait to talk about it outside or in the privacy of your car. Please, don't be like this guy who drove around with the biggest Star Wars spoiler on his car...

5. Fair Game

Think of it as a statute of limitations for movies and TV shows. You have no right to get mad at someone who has spoiled something that is years old. If you haven't watched it by now, you obviously do not care that much. So if you want to openly talk about your favorite movies from the 90s, then go for it!

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