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Now first off this is just a theory, so for all you who are looking for the next sure fire thing, sorry.

Secondly I'm gonna talk about things that have already been talked about, so before some of you jump down my throat with random bullshit here's the warning.

Now the first character I'm going to talk about is....

1. Impulse/Kid Flash/Bart Allen

Along with the Flash, many speedsters have been introduced: Reverse Flash, Zoom, Jay Garrick and (Spoiler Alert!! For those non-Flash canon experts) Wally West/Kid Flash, and there's a good chance more will be introduced and now Legends of Tomorrow is out, the possibility of Bart being introduced is pretty great who knows we might see Barry's grandson sooner rather than later. Also a big character Bart's associated with is...

2. Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes

I know Blue Beetle has been already discussed about being introduced into Arrow a while ago and Kord Industries has been cited in a few of the episodes but then dismissed by DC but recent events may have them changing there minds when Alan Turdyk (Hoban 'Firefly' Washburne and ironically Green Arrow in Young Justice) said that he found interest in playing the character when Nathan Fillion (Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly and Richard Castle in Castle) said he had an interest in playing...

3. Booster Gold/Michael Jon Carter

You can't have Blue Beetle without Booster Gold and vise versa especially when Nathan Fillion says there's interest I think he'd be a great fit for the character and for the possibility of get a high profile actor like Fillion. I think the studio would give it high consideration and that's where the previous characters fall in place, and the possibility of bringing an actor like Turdyk would further benefit the franchise.

In Conclusion:

I know that Jaime Reyes is Hispanic and I know that Alan Turdyk is a white guy and before you jump down my throat about I'm saying that Turdyk should play Ted Kord and have Reyes join the crew later on...

Anyway thanks for reading my short but sweet article and make sure you comment if you have something to say.


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