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Mason Leighton

Now there's nothing saying that a movie like this is coming out but I thought it'd be fun to cast a team like Justice League United. Most of these characters will probably make it to the big screen at some point as part of the DCEU fighting along side Ben Afflecks Bat Man, Henry Cavills Superman, and Gal Gadots Wonder Woman. I'm just doing this in a list but i'd like to know what you all think.

1. Adam Brody as Adam Strange

2. Amber Midthunder as Equinox

3. Jonny Lee Miller as Animal man

4. Annasophia Robb as Star Girl

5. Armie Hammer as Hawk Man

6. Teresa Palmer as SuperGirl

7. Peter Mensah as Martian Man Hunter

and 8. Travis Fimmel as Green Arrow

This is my first post and i will do more like this but with descriptions and reasoning. This one was just to get my feet wet and figure the site out. I hope you like it and i'm looking forward to friendly feedback Thanks!


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