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In a cinematic universe filled with heroes with almost unlimited capabilities, who is the strongest? Who towers above the rest? It is not like in the DC Extended Universe where Superman is the most powerful by a long shot!

Could it be Thor? He is a god after all. Or perhaps it is Captain America? Iron-man? Or.. How about one of the Maximoff twins?

No.The most powerful Avenger out there is... Hawkeye!

Now, you might be wondering.. what? Hawkeye? He has a bow and an arrow! Hulk is a giant green beast, Thor is a god, and Iron-man has a legion of robots at his command!

So, why is Hawkeye the most powerful?

He took down an entire floating fortress, with one arrow!

He did not submit to mind control from the Witch while the rest of the Avengers did!

This shows that he is a skilled technician and could go into combat with anyone. His skill set is not limited to a bow and arrow. He has the capability to defeat any Avenger. He uses his mind, just like he used it to take every single Avenger out of commission after he attacked the helicarrier.

In short... don't mess with Hawkeye!

Just don't...


Do you think that Hawkeye is the most powerful Avenger?


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