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Hey there! I just thought I would post something quick here.... So here goes! The Mid-season premier of The Muppets returned this week with disappointingly low numbers. If you are not watching this show I would like to suggest reasons why you should.

5. Celebrity guests!

This week returned with Key and Peele were the stars of this weeks episode. Other stars include Jason Bateman, Jay Leno, Nick Offerman, and several other stars that are relevant to today. This has always been a staple of the Muppet Show- Star Power. If these very busy stars take the time to come on the show and make it even funnier than what it is, maybe you should check it out too.

4. Comedy!

This week's episode they all returned from vacation and are talking about how it went. Referencing, How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Rizzo (the rat) and Pepe (the Prawn) mention they went to Amsterdam but are not talking about it. This kind of adult humor is being found more in the new show and for some reason watching puppets deliver lines like these, it has to be better than the Kardashian show.

3. Updated Premise!

On the old show if you remember it was kind of the Kermit show since he opened it and ran things. This time around it is a sort of behind the scenes look at what might go on if Miss Piggy were to run her own talk show. It completely captures the essence of Piggy's true nature, self centered and narcissistic. It works on so many levels and really adds to the show. They shoot the show as if it is a documentary. The interviews are great and gives a more personable personality to each puppet.

2. The Music!

The Muppet band is better than ever. However, the musical guests and musical numbers have also been given an upgrade to make it relevant to today. Josh Groban being a love interest for Piggy (they sing a duet) was funny but the best is Animal and Dave Grohl in a drum off. I mean Dave Grohl how cool is that. Here is a link to that video, if you haven't seen it, give it a look.

1. Refreshing!

I know what you are saying. Refreshing, ha! It is true this is good tv that the family can actually enjoy together. It is something that is not done often, with puppets that is. The recent surge of the Muppet movies has made this possible. The puppets having personality and being in and out of relationships make this one of the most interesting shows I have seen in a long time. I can imagine what you are thinking as well, Piggy and Kermit broke up though. I thought the same thing, but lets face it Piggy is a little abusive and the nice new pig he has decided to give it a try with is just what he needs (by the way I am OK with the pig on frog premise as well).

I know this was a short list and for those of you that enjoy reading my writing I do apologize. I hope you get to watch a little bit of the show I think those of you are fans of the Muppets will enjoy it as always. As for those of you who are not as familiar with the show, give it a try I think you may like it. If you like this feel free to follow me, I will add stuff when I am able. Oh and one more thing, Pepe the Uber driver section was hilarious, watch the show and you will see what I mean.

The Muppets airs Tuesdays 08:30/07:30 central.


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