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Old Generation, becomes new again.

So I have seen Jurassic World and while I thought the movie was pretty good, I felt that it possibly could've been better. What if most of the original cast came back? What if the stakes were much more higher? What if we can bring a fitting conclusion to this incredible series? Here is my plot synopsis. Just so you know in my version, Jurassic World doesn't exist.

Plot Summary

About 15 years after the events of Jurassic Park 3, Dinosaurs have been appearing in different parts of the globe. Seeing the dinosaurs as nothing more than a threat to mankind, the United States government comes up with a plan to nuke and destroy the Islands of Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar. Killing all the dinosaurs that inhabit those Islands. Dr. Ellie Sattler attends city hall meetings in an attempt to stop the government from destroying the islands. With no progress, she puts together a small team to go to the Island and, preserve whatever DNA and whatever eggs of the dinosaurs they can before the Islands are destroyed. She calls upon the help of Dr. Grant who is reluctant at first, but ultimately agrees.

Oh yeah the kids return too.
Oh yeah the kids return too.

Tim Murphy accompanies Dr. Grant and Ellie on their quest. In an attempt to save his grandfather's life work. Alexis on the other hand see's the nuke operation as a good thing. She see's what the likes of her grandfather's work did to him. and how dangerous these dinosaurs can be. She pleas for the group to not journey back to Jurassic Park, and since her grandfather Hammond is gone that his creation should die with him. Tim ignores his sisters wishes and continues on without her.

Once on the Island the team returns to Jurassic Park. Encounter amazing dinosaurs. But this time when they see them, they won't have the same kind of awe struck gaze that they had In the first film. Instead it will be more of a depressed, and heartbreaking feeling. Especially seeing as how the group knows that the end is near for these amazing creatures. They run into problems as they come across a T Rex but are saved by another team led by none other than...

Did you really think I'd leave him out?
Did you really think I'd leave him out?

Yes! That's right, Ian Malcom and his team arrive in Isla Nublar. Just in the nick of time to save Tim, Grant, and Ellie. With most of their team dead from the T rex attack, they have no choice but to join Malcom and his daughter Kelly. Yes that's right his daughter returns also. She is a reporter who unbeknownst to everyone else is reporting on everything that is transpiring on the island. When the group tries to figure out how Ian knew they were on the Island, he says he was told about what they we're trying to do by Alexis. He says he came there to stop them.

Malcolm vs. Grant
Malcolm vs. Grant

So basically, Ian with the help of his team, come to the Island in an attempt to stop Dr. Grant and Ellie from taking anything off of the island. So then the movie becomes about Dr. Grant and his Group at odds with Ian and his Group. With both groups trying desperately to survive the Island. Especially with, T Rex's, Velociraptors, and many other dinosaurs attempting to kill them all. Ian would try and convince Ellie and Grant that, Dinosaurs had their time. He would try to tell Tim that this isn't what his grandfather would want.

Honestly I have somewhat of an idea how I would want this movie to end. But, I do know that at least one main character would die. In the end my pick would be Dr. Grant in an attempt to save Tim from either a fall or a Raptor attack. But, before he would die he would have a moment where he realizes that Ian is ultimately right and that we have to let these creatures Rest in Peace and Let go. At the end of the film, Everyone from a helicopter watches 100s of miles away as the Island is bombed. Realizing that it had to end this way and that man has fixed his mistake in bringing back these creatures from extinction.

So, what do you guys think of my version of a Jurassic Park sequel?


Better or Worse than Jurassic World?


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