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Not to long ago, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds was holding a Q&A on Twitter where he would reply to fan questions in short videos. Among the questions asked, one of the fans' asked as to whether or not he could imagine doing something with Spider-Man as Deadpool.

Ryan's pretty straightforward response was:

I can definitely imagine doing something with Spider-Man at some point

But if you just love hearing his voice, here's the video response:

Now admittedly, it's not much to go off of. I mean he does literally look off into the distance as if he were actually imagining. But hey, for all we know he might not even be taking the question all that seriously. Kinda like how Deadpool would answer it.

Regardless, it's still a fun concept to put on the big screen. Though a three-way deal with Sony, Marvel, AND Fox would be a very tricky thing to pull of. Not to mention the fact Marvel Studio's Spider-Man is actually a young teenager, who is meant to be watched by a younger audience. So crossing him over with a hard R-rated Deadpool would be a difficult thing to do.

But hey, we've seen Deadpool and Spidey interact in less extreme situations. Whether it was in the comics or in animation, they've always been quite the entertaining duo.

Hopefully if the new Deadpool movie is successful, and the stars are aligned, this might just happen one day.

'Deadpool' opens in theaters February 12th, check out the trailer!


Would you want to see Deadpool and Spider-Man together in a movie together?


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