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Uri Teva
Sidious didn't kill anyone, he only utilized the democratic system. Indid, a smart move, but not a powerful move regarding the use of the force. Vadar actualy continued killing remaining Jedis all over the univers. He killed Windu, the most "BadMotherfucker" in the Jedi order. It says so on his wallet... Lol. The only way to defete him was using his own power against him, exactly what Obi One did, using the light side, and od course the knowledge of how Vadar thinks. In Return Of The Jedi vadar ofered Luke to join him, kill Sidious and "rull the galaxy togeather as father an son.". He obviously had a plan already on motion. The rull of two did not aplly here because Vadar planned to reunite with his son, not to take a peduan, a fact that shows that his continues battle between the light and dark sides. BTW, Vadar didn't have the all lightening-in-his-fingers thing going, he was using the light side of the force the all time. So we have Sidious that used powers of others to be in a high posision Vs. Vadar who actualy defitted him as a cripled old man.... Yap, Vadar with his two-force-sides is the strongest. In my point of view, anyway...

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