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Marvel Studios and Coke are gearing up for superbowl game this Sunday. There are some promotional cans of Coca-Cola featuring Captain, Iron Man, Ant Man, Black Widow, Falcon and Hulk (for some reason) also one you might have noticed (or not) Spider-Man. Check the image below:

Looks like a Spider is on a Widow (Window).
Looks like a Spider is on a Widow (Window).

So noticed that a Spider on a Black Window. I mean Black Widow. I dont know what does this mean? Will we see Spidey on the big game or on 6th May? Screen Crush reports that a trailer might be dropped. I think that is better because Deadpool is just going to get released next Friday so marketing attention may move on BvS. So, a final trailer or a TV Spot in April might be more convinient. According to my teams calculations this is the time to release a second trailer with more footage as the first one was dropped in November and since then we dont have anything else exciting. AOU teaser trailer came in October the second but a short one in January and the final one in March. So maybe Civil War had its chance. Since it is a quick post I wont type what I want to see in the next trailer. So what can this Coke-Marvel alliance TV commercial mean? What will it show us? Why is Hulk here? Lets wait and watch and drink our Coke as the story unfolds with the big game.


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