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The DC Cinematic Universe is hitting the ground running with two huge movies coming out this year! In less then 50 days we will get the much awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and all hell will break loose!

I'm so ready for this because it will feature an open universe and will introduce us to multiple DC titans that will shape it for years to come.

At the centre of this excitement resides Batman. When Ben Affleck was first cast in the role, admittedly people were upset. However after two trailers, and multiple TV spots, people have no choice but to get on the Batfleck train. But, the big question is how much have the Warner Bros. executives invested in the Caped Crusader?

Reports were coming in that Warner Brothers has given a go-ahead for another Batman trilogy. Apparently they were so impressed with Ben's performance as the Dark Knight, they wanted to capitalize. If this is true, it puts the Dark Knight in most of the movies with the DC Cinematic Universe, and he is the only hero to have a confirmed trilogy as of this moment.

If that isn't enough, in this universe the Batman is also...

1. Deeply Connected

It has been said that when the movie starts, Batman would have donned the cape for at least twenty years. That would make him connected in this universe. Who knows the people he is associated with? He clearly has encountered Lex before, and he has a history with Joker and Harley. Who else does he know? Your guess is as good as mine!

2. He has Relations with Other Heroes

He knows Wonder Woman, this picture confirms it. Who else could he know? Flash? Green Lantern? Cyborg? He's the Batman; and the world's greatest detective!

3. The Outlier

Not only is he the only Justice League member without powers, he is also the oldest, by about ten years! With ages that vary between 30-40, Bruce Wayne will be in his forties when the JL movies come out! Keep in mind that both the Flash, and Cyborg will be on the opposite side being in their mid-twenties.

So? Do you believe that they will centre the universe around the Batman? Share below!


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