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Starting from the beginning
Clare Dunsford

Shadowhunters Pilot, season one, episode one.

For today I will be reviewing shadowhunters the pilot. Lets get stuck in shall we? Firstly I will compare it sometimes with the book but mostly I'll be judging it as a episode in a season and that's it.

We start with shadowhunters with you following your main cast, apart from two other main characters. Into a club but before that some legit stalking goes on as they follow someone who is obviously not human, with the changing into different people whenever they touch them thing they've got going on. I have to say I rather like this scene and especially love the music that goes with it. However it is very irritatingly ruined by dude with with blonde hair from the Shadowhunter group, Jace, bumping into our main character Clary. And seriously? Why is her hair that color? Did something go wrong in the make up apartment or what? I looked past it thinking she'd died it but oh no....

Jace looked surprised as he doesn't understand how she can see him. I quite liked they put that in there so we know why it would be fine stalking a monster in a pretty obvious way and no one was going, oh why are these people on the roof? And probably explaining why no one could see the obvious not human thing that was stealing peoples appearances without that person noticing. Also like how the opening is pretty short.

Que title.

We now have gone on to a time frame eight hours earlier from when the shadow hunter group were perfecting their stalking skills. Our main character Clary is going in to a art school to get interviewed and to try and get a place there, her nerves show quite well as she walks into where she is getting interviewed. I have to say the "judges" to look a little intimidating however it's quite a boring set up. Showing us viewers how normal Clary's life is. Though we know that is about to change.

Clary meets up with her best friend Simon after her successful interview. I really enjoyed their dynamic's and interactions. I think they work really well together, despite a couple odd lines which should have been changed to something else and highlights the fact Simon is clearly in love with Clary who has no idea. Man it must hurt having her trying to set him up with other people. I feel for you mate. And wow Clary is oblivious. I think we all worked out he had feelings for her even before he replied to Clary's awkward line. I think around 30 seconds in and I was already invested in his character but then again I am biased as Simon is my favorite character in the books.

Now this is weird. The mystery of the disappearing bisscotti? Now because I have read the books I can't work out if this is foreshadowing and part of the plot or just foreshadowing, though I'm not going to say what it's foreshadowing.

Next we meet Luke, who is interested in Clary's Mother Jocelyn. He is a cop which is interesting as I can't remember what job he had in the books or if he even had one. They are looking into dead bodies that have been drained of blood, like that won't be important later. We also get the feel Luke is not quite human, or his gone all dog whisperer on us. And its really easy to see what kind of creature there hinting at him to be. I know, I know!

Meanwhile Clary comes into her cool looking quirky house/shop. And greets someone who is meant to be or is a close aunt? I can't remember her name but I'm actually pretty sure that she is meant to be the old lady from the books, okay...Not really sure why they'd change that. With some foreshadowing and plot device of the cards with a very familiar certain cup in the design, the young lady meant to be a old women gives us a vibe she won't be surviving long with the I love you's and she isn't exactly fleshed out as much as a character. Good thing to because her acting wasn't really to be desired as she tried the mysterious acting odd but I'm still pretending to be normal route.

Clary goes upstairs to greet her mother. Her mother like the young lady meant to be a old women know she has gotten into the arts school because of Simon's twitter account. He has only like two followers, aw how adorable. Her mother then gives her a family heirloom that looks suspiciously what the blonde wigged shadow hunter girl was using at the beginning of the episode. They also make it clear Clary drawing those symbol's that she sees on the heirloom is not normal, with Jocelyn's dramatic looking up at Clary in surprise and maybe dread.

Jocelyn wants to talk to Clary about something probably life changing but Clary brushes it of and goes up to change for her date with Simon. Well he probably wants it to be but is currently friend zoned as they are going with another girl Maureen, its interesting how they changed Maureen's character, despite the age change I still hope she has a similar story arc. She was a much younger in the books but still had a crush on Simon.

Jocelyn looks into the distance, fiddling with the heirloom as a flashback appears. Though I understand and I like how it heads the plot along I can't help but think it was to sudden and I would have much liked Clary remembering that flashback in pieces and remembering how and why her mother kept secrets from her after her mother is not in the picture (She is sleeping with a magic potion from what I can remember, later in the episode) The flashback feels like it doesn't need to be there and I wished they'd dragged that mystery out a bit longer. However I do like how we have more familiarity with Magnus the warlock, before Clary meets him in the present time. For the first time for her as he is the one, it is revealed that took memories of the shadow hunter world away once she is attacked by a monster, when she was little.

I'm a little surprised how oblivious Clary is to her mother and her mother's friend, the young women meant to be a old lady. Ah! I think I know her name now. Its Dot I think, sweet, not a interesting character but hey, at least she has a cool name.

Luke and Clary's mother talk about telling Clary there secrets but Jocelyn decides she is the one to tell her because it was her own choice to take Clary's memory's away. Luke and Jocelyn's interactions are full of chemestry and you can tell just by one look they both trust, care and rely on each other. Also why it comes to a kick in the balls later once Clary overhears Luke talking crap and lies to bad guys to protect her but she thinks its the truth and runs away from him.

Despite not caring as much as I think I should for Clary's character in this episode, I do enjoy how the show has focused on her arty side and that she has a hobby and something that she likes doing and has a actual life, unlike some main characters who feel like they are doing nothing with their lives before crazy things force them in a certain direction.

And really? Really? Did they have to have that line in there? Sometimes the script is okay but quite a lot of the time the script sucks. "I'm turning 18 its not like I'm heading of on a epic journey" Oh my god, cheese and clithe alert. Don't mind me while I'm sick into a bag.

Simon comes in to pick up Clary. And instantly everything gets ten times better. Okay I am kidding but I may be gushing over Simon quite a bit so sorry for that. Her mother hugs her goodbye while Clary complains she is an adult, so her mother needs to stop hugging her, then precedes to jump on Simon's back and him piggy back her out of her house. Despite finding this very unrealistic for teenagers to do, I couldn't help but find that scene cute and to me it shows they have known each other a very long time, probably since childhood, they are close enough to do that without them finding it weird, unlike the me and the other viewers...

Next up is scenes that once again proves how oblivious Clary is. Yep she is hiding a huge secret from you Clary. You should listen more to Maureen, well if she ever jumps aboard the crazy evil train stop listening to her, not that I am hinting at anything here. Also the scene jumps to Clary's mother with a glowing sword, sorry, I can't remember what they are called, don't kill me! And precedes to look bad ass, making me like her even more.

First impression's of Isabelle, the shadow hunter girl seen at the beginning who was wearing a blonde, oh I mean platinum blonde wig. Her hair is actually the furthest away from platinum blonde you can go. She is a light-hearted, sexy and hot shadow hunter. I thought she might be more of a bitch but was pleasently surprised. Alec, part of the shadow hunter group is once again hot but he is more stern and serious. While Jace, is cocky, confident and like the one in the books. And just by one delivery of one bit of lines I can already tell I'm going to like him a LOT more than I liked the Jace in the movies. Wow was that actor terrible at playing Jace. I am so glad this actor is so much better.

He seems kinder than the one I remember in the books. Still has that arrogance to him but doesn't seem as arrogant as he was in the books. Which I like as that was one of the things that put me of his character as well as his treatment of Simon in the books but that did get better.

The Shadowhunters go through who they are targeting. Its about those people getting drained of blood and they think someone is in charge of it. They pick up their shiny swords and the information then they are going.

After that finishes we go to Simon in his small, very tiny gig. Simon is singing Forever Young and is it just me or could this be foreshadowing what will happen to him in the future? I was like oh wait I know something that happens to Simon's character that has to do with that song. Well it did anyway. Also it is so painfully clear Maureen likes Simon but Simon is in love with Clary as he sings to her, I think Maureen notices this. I wonder if they might play with this in the future? Would Maureen ever get jealous of Clary like Simon gets of Jace?

While Clary, Simon and Maureen discuss Maureen and Simon's band name to put on their truck, Simon changes shirts. Oh thank god. Yes Simon! Don't you dare put on another shirt! Oh dam it!

Clary proves to her friends she is going crazy, while drawing the odd mysterious symbol on Simon and Maureen's van, while they are painting it. She proves this even more when she bumps into Jace, who as it happens, Maureen and Simon can't see! Simon's reactions save this scene as Jace and Clary have a badly acted and badly written scenes together but Simon's reactions are so funny, as he sees she is talking to thin air.

Clary runs after Jace when she realises Maureen and Simon can't see who she is talking to. Because that's what you do when you have a stranger tell you odd things and then it turns out they are invisible to everyone apart from you. Clary follows Jace and his shadowhunting group into a fight. Magnus also is in the club, turns out he owns it as he confront's two men from the bad and evil club. Well okay it's called the circle but bad and evil club seems more fitting. Magnus shows us why he is also a bad ass, using his warlock abilities to threaton the men and implying he is a lot, lot older than he looks.

Isabelle also is a bad ass. All these shadow hunters are bad asses! Apart from Clary. When she is in a fight scene or acts all confident and leader like I'll add her to people I think are bad asses list as well. Currently every main shadow hunter is on there, including Magnus and Clary's mother. Isabelle shows of her hot body as she practically seduces and distracts the human monsters with her dance moves and body, all their eyes glow blue.

A big fight breaks out as Clary saves the leader monster lady from Jace, thinking Jace was going to attack a normal lady with a glowing sword. All the shadow hunters fight the monsters, again proving they all are bad asses. And Isabelle has that cool looking whip! Yes! I was at first irritated at the design of how the monsters die, and thought it was just there to attracted younger viewers but a small gross scene later with Valentine (The real bad guy) Proves me wrong. Though I guess making them disappear like that does make sense because you don't want any normal people discovering their bodies.

Clary runs and goes home, getting a small flash back of Magnus wiping her memories as she bumps into him, before running away. Though only a small bit of the memory so she doesn't realize what it means.

She goes to her mother, telling her what happened and rightfully so believing she is going crazy. But this stops as her mother shows her the same symbol that was on the other shadow hunters skin using the family heirloom, to make it appear on her skin and vanish. Clary is understandably freaked out.

Before Jocelyn can explain anymore Dot comes in to warn them. Magnus has called to warn them they have been found. The circle has found them. Clary's mother gives Clary a odd looking necklace. Telling her to think of her when she wears it, which is interesting as that necklace was never in the book. Telling her to find Luke and then pushing her through a portal? I think it was a portal. Clary ends up outside the Art School. One of teachers that interviewed her was there, was it me or did she give of a odd vibe? I actually thought she was a monster at first.

Dot doesn't seem to last long as she is pushed through a window and it looks like she is pretty dead. Despite being shocked they would kill her of that early, if she is dead I like the brutality and quickness of it, making the show seem a lot older and less like its for kids. As some of the designs does look that way. Jocelyn proves why I like her so much as she fights and defends herself with her own glowing sword against the circle members. Is it just me or do those glowing swords remind me of light savers? Like a lot? Maybe it's just because they glow but still.

The show reveals she once was a circle member and tells us the big bad's name who is after the cup. Valentine. I have to say I like his name. Jocelyn drinks a potion when she is surrounded that makes her collapse I have to say even though I think I know what that drink does, because its similar to how the books plaid out, it does really look like she is taking a drink to kill herself so he'll never know the location of the mortal cup, he is after. Thankfully she isn't, I think she is either in some sort of coma introduced by the drink or she is in a deep sleep she can't wake up from by herself.

Clary finds Luke who is talking to, well more like being interrogated by other circle members. He tells them he doesn't care about Clary or her mother that he wants the cup for his people, not Valentine. Clary believes this bullshit unfortunately and runs away.

Then finally we are introduced to Valentine. To tell you the truth I'm not really sure what I expected him to act or be like. I just don't really know what I feel about him. However I did like how they showed clearly despite being the bad guy he cares for Clary's mother, if basically killing one of his a followers because that guy insulted her in a gross way was to be anything to go by. Jocelyn defiantly has a interesting past with Valentine.

Clary runs back home to find the house in a mess after the fight. She is scared and frightened and the actress pulls this of well. A lot better than who played her in the movie. Oh wait is that Dot I see? Just a couple of seconds go by and you realize that isn't Dot... And CLARY MAYBE YOU SHOULD TURN AND RUN NOW AND STOP LETTING HER GET THIS CLOSE TO YOU!

Though once Dot reveales herself to be a shapeshifter and not the Dot we know who is probably dead from that fall I have to say I really like the demon monster designs, it reminds me of monsters in the anime Parasite, when they eat a humans head and, yeah you probably don't want to know what I'm talking about, if you do, go and check it out, it is a very weird anime.

Jace saves Clary just in time. And yes his sarcasm! Thank you, this Jace is great! Not the wooded stilted one in the movie! Some of the script however its pretty bad and it's a little awkward, while Clary soon faints but I can't blame her for that. I think I'd faint if that all just happened to me. We also learn that monster pretending to be Dot was a demon.

Clary has a odd dream of her mother and Valentine. I think that might be the necklace doing that? Curious, very curios. Anyway Clary wakes up only to head but Isabelle in the well, head. It becomes pretty clear Isabelle likes Clary and is also probably glad there is another girl in their group, and defiantly nicer than the book Clary. While Jace is very interested in her. I think at the moment his just more interested and fascinated by her rather than attracted to her though Alec doesn't like Clary at all. We get a small hint about why that might be but I think they'd go into that more in the future episodes. As it is in the books why Alec dislikes her so much.

I also like how she doesn't want to be a shadowhunter at all and just wants to find her mother. If she had accepted it as quickly as the movie Clary did I would be switching this of, I'm not joking, that part of the movie was terrible.

Jace and Clary have a small talk about what Shadowhunters are. They protect humans from the demon world. They don't have magic abilities like a Warlock and the tattoos on them. The ruins, give them abilities, like healing, which Jace drew on Clary's neck to heal her, much to her displeasure. I liked how they did acknowledge Jace touching her when she was asleep to draw that ruin was creepy as a lot of films or shows don't seem to consider that and what humans, especially at the moment normal ones in supernatural shows find creepy. Oh you have been watching me in my sleep? How cute...Really? No! Gross! Yeah I am looking at you Twilight.

Simon calls in the middle of them talking and I love him. I love how confused he is and his delivery on the "Clary, is there a Meth problem we need to talk about"? His so funny. His my Stiles for this show. (Well before Stiles got traumatised and possessed, and broken down) If you have seen Teen Wolf you'll get me. Clary then has to wear Isabelle's clothes and she looks so cool in them! But also a little bit like a prostitute. A sexy one though, don't get me wrong. She is almost in my bad ass list for wearing those clothes.

Clary comes out, still deciding to talk to Jace when he tells her his invisible to normal people (Mundanes) in front of Simon. Yeah Clary you are so good at hiding this. Simon's confusion is so funny! Simon looks like he is worried for her sanity. It doesn't help matters when a circle member attacks Jace. And they fight, with Clary obviously watching them. I hope I was meant to find this scene funny because it so was! Simon's reactions to Clary's as he can't see anything, I laughed out loud! Simon however still is convinced this must be a meth problem or something even when Jace kills the guy and they both weren't glamoured any more, which is what Jace called him being invisible to mundanes was.

Simon and Jace both want them to come with them and Clary must choose who to go with. Despite Simon being my fav character I do think she needs to go with Jace to find her mother. Sorry Simon.

The ending scene is with Valentine as he has failed to find the Mortal cup in Clary's mother's house. Though his followers have more interesting news. Jocelyn has a daughter. Is she Valentine daughter? Is she someone we haven't met yet daughter? I know because of the books but it'll be interesting and fun ride to how the TV show ties everything in. We get a quick flash of Clary's face before the ending, which I don't know why that shot was there.

So to sum it up. I think it's better than the movie so far but defiantly not as good as the books. Some of the scenes were really awkward and shouldn't have been there. The script could be really horrible at times and the acting wasn't exactly the greatest. HOWEVER, for what it was I enjoyed watching it and it made me want to stop this review and watch all the other episodes after. And I think it does have potential to be a good season.

So I hope you enjoyed this review. Have a good week and goodbye xxxx See you next time.


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