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With the second season of The Flash progressing, it appears that the show's writers are preparing for some pretty big events to unfold. More importantly, it would seem like they're laying the groundwork for more of our favorite speedsters to hit the small screen.

So far we've had quite a collection of characters appear in this show that could just be well placed easter eggs for long term fans to enjoy, or quite possibly be silently biding their time until they each get their own particular slice of the speed force. With the potential for multiple Earth's on this show, they could already be out there saving their own versions of Central City, or the show's creators could be slowly leading us towards an epic moment, the likes of which, fans have only enjoyed in print. There's a very fine line between cool and overkill that they could risk straying over though, but given the epic success so far, I have plenty of faith in the writing skills and creativity of the people who pen this show.

But as we know, things are subject to change when it comes to the translation from page to screen. I, for one, am happy with the willingness to change things up, but there are those out there still sore about certain things.

Jay Garrick, Barry Allen & Wally West.
Jay Garrick, Barry Allen & Wally West.

As well as all of those characters listed above, we had Wally West join the cast in the middle of this season, and now we've got quite a collection of potential speed force wielders. Wally West, in the comics, becomes Kid Flash and even had a brief "run" as The Flash himself for a time, where he rapidly became a fan favorite and was even The Flash on The Justice League hit animated TV series. He was so popular in the role, that I've even had to explain to many of my uneducated* friends, that there is indeed another Flash.

*I should also state for the sake of not wanting to alienate my friends, that they're uneducated in the vast comic book knowledge I hold, not actual schooling (happy now, Aaron?).

The three Flash's in all their animated glory.
The three Flash's in all their animated glory.

Will this year's season finale end in a scene featuring Wally, Jay, and Barry side by side by side as their own versions of The Flash? Don't count on it just yet super-fans, it sounds like we may have to wait a while. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg's answered this very question over at EW:

"I guess that could happen down the road. I wouldn't want to say no, but so much of that stuff is a little bit further into the future than we've planned for right now."

He also compared Wally's journey to Kid Flash to Roy Harper's Arsenal on Arrow, where he said there was a good amount of "fighting in a red hoodie" before any kind of costume was earned.

Which I think is good news in terms of pace for the show. It shows that they have a lot of material to keep all of us fans satisfied until more scarlet speedsters rush our screens. But in reality (excitement aside), why would you want to rush the inclusion of more central characters like this, when it could risk the very brilliance of the show that we've come to know and love.

I, for one, am happy to wait as long as it takes, because this show is just all kinds of incredible, and if the show's writers have proven anything, it's that they know exactly what they are doing. I have complete faith that they're going to execute this all perfectly, the incredible growing popularity of DC on TV is proof enough of that fact.



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