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River: Does sarcasm help? The Doctor: Wouldn't it be a great universe if it did? - Pretty much sums me up.
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When USA's show Suits started in 2011, I was the first to jump on the bandwagon. The fast, intelligent and often witty dialogue had me hooked, along with the clever plot twists that continuously keep us viewers guessing.

However, after a while, the repeated story every season of worrying about whether an enemy to any of the members of the (now dubbed) Pearson Specter Litt law firm would find out about and expose Mike's dirty little secret of being a fraud was getting pretty old. Someone would get close to finding out about Mike and Harvey would, in one way or another, clean up and bury the hatchet.

(Photo: USA)
(Photo: USA)

To be fair, the writers always made this same storyline seem interesting, throwing in different characters with the usual different twists, but the base idea was the same, just with another baddie. For quite a few years they dragged this out, with the threat always hanging over the character's heads, to the point in which every season seemed to run together without much individuality to make them stand out against one another.

If you would have asked me just prior to season 5's midseason finale, I would have said that it's time the show ends. Well, it seems the end is finally happening, but not the end of the show, the end of Mike's illegal escapades. With Mike being arrested and the problem of his crimes coming to a head, I dare to hope that this means the series can finally put this plotline in the past and move onto something new.

(Photo: USA)
(Photo: USA)

As I said before, the writing of this show is excellent and there is no doubt in my mind that they can pull off another storyline just as exciting and innovating as past tales, so here's to new beginnings and fraud-free lawyering!

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