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So we all know games based off movies have a very bad reputation. From the classic E.T for the Atari all the way to Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters on Wii, Xbox and PlayStation, video game tie-ins are generally really bad. But today i'm going to give you 5 movie video game tie-ins that were actually really good!

1. Star Wars episode II attack of the clones-Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

So when BioWare was approached to make a star wars game to come out alongside star wars episode 2 they were given the option to either make a game that went along with the plot of episode 2 or to set the game 4,000 years in the past and the company chose the latter as it would give them more creative freedom. Thus we were given one of the best action role playing video games of all time. With its masterfully crafted story and its fun combat system it was a major hit with the Star Wars fan base and outsiders alike. It has spawned a sequel and an MMO and is still a popular part of the Star Wars franchise today. however upon Disney's acquisition of the star wars franchise Kotor was rendered non-canon along with the rest of the expanded universe (books, games, comics). Only time will tell that if by some miracle it will be made canon once more.

2. Spider-Man 2 - Spider-Man 2

This game had it all a solid web slinging mechanic it fairly large cast of characters and its huge open world island of Manhattan this game was amazing. Now what made this game great in my opinion was the fact that it followed the film vary loosely and added in a whole host of villains such as mysterio, rhino, shocker and the anti-hero black-cat. between it's fun combat style and life size reconstruction of Manhattan you really felt like you were spider man saving the day. if only modern spider-man games would take it formula and apply it to there game we might just get a worthwhile spider-man game

3. GoldenEye 007-GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye closely mirrors the plot of the 17th James Bond movie, starting with the daring bungee jump sequence and ending with a showdown between 007 and Alec Trevelyan atop a huge antenna. In between, you'll shoot scads of soldiers, plant explosives, escape from a train seconds before it explodes, and execute other decidedly Bond-like maneuvers. The entire game takes place from a Doom-like perspective. The graphics in GoldenEye are incredible for there time. From installations deep under the snow to lush Cuban jungles, each environment looks really good, with a decent amount of detail. coupled with the amazing local multiplayer this was a hit at parties. with multiple remakes of the game players often go back to the original for its simplicity and fun game play.

4. X-Men Origins: Wolverine/X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged

X-Men Origins takes the events of the movie, adds a bunch of back story and tosses you in into the tattered white tank top of the one and only Weapon X. Set before the X-Men films, this game chronicles the time when Logan was running with his commanding officer Stryker and Sabertooth and doing all sorts of disturbing missions, his break from the group, and his one-man mission for revenge. This game is all about guttural, disturbing action. Rather than neuter Wolverine like so many games have and leave him with claws that just tickle bad guys, Raven Software has created the most spot-on version of the character we've probably ever seen in a video game. The title opens with a dramatic movie where Wolverine stabs a guy in the head through a wall, lifts a dude in the air and skewers him over and over again and impales another enemy on an exposed pipe. All of those sick kills are part of your in-game repertoire.For years, Wolverine has become more and more "kid friendly." This game is a direct attack on that image and it's a totally welcome one. In short this i one of the best hack and slash games to date and in my opinion what the movie should have been

5. Star Wars Episode I-Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Pod racing arguably one of the best parts of the phantom menace. seeing it in the film made me want to do it really bad as a kid and this game gave us the opportunity. with its multitude of tracks and its fun play style this was a hit for the N64. the game even spawned and arcade version which let you sit in a life size replica of Anakin's pod racer and fly it the same ways as the film. playing this with local multiplayer is lots of fun as well. It spawned a sequel star wars racer revenge which got a PlayStation 4 release just this past year. Basically this is one of the best racing games you can play.

So there you have it 5 movies that had great games come out with them. whats your favorite movie video game let me know down in the comments!


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