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The secret must be in the Stars Hollow water!

Netflix is trying to kill us with all the amazing news from their Gilmore Girls revival lately, and this first photo from the set was no exception. Gilmore Girls star Yanic Truesdale, who played sassy French concierge Michel Gerard, is back to work at the Dragonfly Inn with his favorite boss on the set, and he posted a selfie with Lauren Graham to prove it! SO MANY FEELS! This is really happening folks! Also, I've drawn the conclusion that Lauren Graham is a vampire, like the Cullens' long lost sibling or something. She literally doesn't age.

Hugs to you Yanic for sharing this sweet photo and spilling a vat of nostalgia over us. Netflix officially began filming the new Gilmore Girls series this week, which will be split into four mini movies.

Seriously though, can we talk about her (gorgeous) face? I mean, is she related to J.Lo? Girl DOESN'T AGE! Let me remind you, Lauren is almost 50, and still looks just like she did in the original Gilmore Girls series, maybe even better. Good for her! Lauren's TV daughter, Alexis Bledel, also shares this incredible anomaly, being in her thirties and looking like she's barley finished her freshman year in High School. My guess? There is something in the Stars Hollow water!

This photo from Yanic only gets me more excited for the revival than ever! The idea of seeing Lorelai and Rory back together again is enough to make me pass out from joy, imagining Luke and Lorelai happy together is enough to send me into an endless pit of happy tears, but it's the chance that Jess and Rory may have a second chance that really has me hyperventilating. There has been no confirmation of Milo Ventimiglia reprising his role, but what we do know is they are in the process of locking down deals to get some of Rory's past loves back, and so far Matt Czuchry, who played Rory's college boyfriend Logan, is the only one confirmed! EEEEEK! Let's have a prayer circle for Jess's return too!

Netflix hasn't set a release date for the four-part series, or confirmed any details about the context of the plot, but creator Amy Sherman has said this will be a closing season to the series, with all the things she had wanted to happen in the final days of the show! I. Am. Not. READY!


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