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Next Friday, February 12th, marks the release of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's star-studded film Zoolander 2. It has been fifteen years since the original Zoolander was released and had everyone really, really riduclously desperate for Orange Mocha Frappuccinos and Razor scooters.

To prepare for the upcoming release, here is a look back at some of the best celebrity cameos from 2001.

David Duchovny

Duchovny was hilarious as former hand model, J.P. Prewitt. Prewitt was the creep in the graveyard that preserved his left hand in a globe bubble. He contacts Matilda and is eventually the one to clue her and Derek in on the whole "turning male models into assassins" thing.

But why male models?

Anne Meara

Ben Stiller's mother, Anne Meara, had a brief cameo in the film that many may have missed it. She plays a Malaysian wage protester who throws an egg at Mugatu while on the red carpet.

Hey, Mugatu! Screw you and your little dog too!

Alexander Skarsgard

Long before he captivated us as the sexiest vampire in Bon Temps, Alexander Skarsgard was one of the young models with Maury Ballstein's agency and participated in one of the most epic gasoline pillow-fights ever filmed. RIP Meekus.

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale

Gwen and Gavin may no longer be an item, but back in 2001 they sat next to the so-hot-right-now Hansel at the Fashion Awards, witnessing the fall of Derek Zoolander as he mistakenly got up to accept the award for Male Model of the Year.

Donald Trump

One of our current Presidential candidates, Donald Trump, has had over ten television and film cameos throughout his career and in 2001 he popped up on the red carpet with a strong opinion on the modeling world.

Without Derek Zoolander male modeling wouldn't be what it is today.

Vince Vaughn, Judah Friedlander, & Jon Voight

After humiliating himself at the Fashion Awards Show, Derek decides to give up male modeling and return to his coal-mining family in Jersey. His father (Jon Voight) and two brothers (Vince Vaughn & Judah Friedlander) are a little less than enthused to have Derek back.

I just wanted to make you proud of me, pop.

Andy Dick

Another seemingly missed cameo, Andy Dick goes nearly unrecognizable as the woman giving Derek a massage while at Mugatu's "day" spa.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder tried her hardest to pick up Derek at an after-party.

Look, I gotta go pee, but I'd really like to continue talking about this conversation when I come back.

Billy Zane

Billy Zane was a real bro in Zoolander when he had Derek's back against Hansel. Zane tries to talk some sense into Derek, then when he realized Derek wouldn't back down, he was the one that announced the classic Walk-Off.

David Bowie

The late Ziggy Stardust himself pops up in the underground of male modeling and offers his skill as judge in the walk-off between Derek and Hansel.

Justin Theroux

Theroux, who actually wrote the screenplay with Stiller for Zoolander 2, played the evil DJ working Mugatu's Derelict show in the original. The heavily dreaded bad guy attempts to get Derek to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia by playing Powerman 5000's hit "Relax", until Hansel destroys him in an epic break dance fight.

James Marsden

When J.P. Prewitt (Duchovny) explains to Matilda and Derek the history of male model assassins, he goes all the way back to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. A flashback reveals another surprising cameo: James Marsden as John Wilkes Booth.

Patton Oswalt

The funny man, Patton Oswalt, had a quick cameo as a photographer who pushed Derek around.

You're a monkey, Derek!

Fred Durst, Lil' Kim, Lance Bass, & Garry Shandling

Nothing says 2001 like this group of celebrities. Durst, Kim, Bass, & Shandling's cardboard cut-out (and later real) cameos sum up the satirical point of Zoolander and speak volumes for the decade it was perpetuating.

Zoolander 2 is sure to have another long list of surprise celebrity cameos. Here's to hoping we get a cameo sequel from some of our favorites!


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