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Alberta Film Ratings reports that a new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has just been classified, meaning that the release of a new preview for the film is more than likely imminent. At this time of the year, the most logical time for this trailer to gain maximum exposure would come during a commercial break of the Super Bowl. Almost every major movie release of the coming year is likely to have some sort of presence during the Super Bowl. It feels pretty safe to assume that this will air sometime during the championship game. Heroic Hollywood also reports that a brand new banner for the film has also hit the Internet, which further boasts that we should see a new trailer for the film, and very soon.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has managed to maintain a fairly consistent presence at the front of our minds. Other films like Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, and even the recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens had maintained a sort of secrecy about them, while Batman v Superman has pretty much been in the spotlight the entire time since it's first been mentioned. Ever since the first teaser for the film hit the web last April, trailers and various other marketing materials have come to the forefront of news and television talk to inform us about the film’s style, plot, tone and more. I assume they have shown exactly what they wanted to show us and there are definitely plot twists and things they can't wait for us to see.

If you haven't seen the most recent trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or my new ULTRA Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, check out the links below. As far as the Superbowl goes, I kind of want Peyton to get the win and retire, but you can't say Carolina doesn't deserve to be exactly where they are either.

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